Relevant standard II of the hottest resins

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Resin related standards (II)

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normal align=center> standard number

normal align=center> standard name

normal align=center> standard classification

normal align=center> release date

normal align=center> effective date

normal align=center>er> number of pages

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normal Align=left> plastic vinyl chloride homopolymer and copolymer resin sieve analysis with air jet sieve device

normal align=left> synthetic resin Basic standards and general methods of plastics

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normal align=left> determination of plasticizer absorption of general-purpose PVC resin at room temperature

currently, it is necessary to add Subtraction: the so-called addition 1 is to preferentially develop coal backbone mines normal align=left> basic organic chemical raw materials

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norma3 Elastic limit: the maximum stress that the material can bear without permanent deformation L align=left>6

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