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Relevant standards and requirements in packaging container design

packaging container design, including shape design, capacity measurement system: specification design, structural design, material selection, determination of technical requirements, specified test standards and conditions, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to draw the unfolding drawing, working drawing, three-dimensional effect drawing of the container, and carry out a series of work such as surface decoration design. The purpose is to make the packaging container have the most general functions of protection, versatility, convenience, artistry and so on

1. determination of capacity and size specification

the capacity and size specification of the packaging container designed by the packaging should give priority to the relevant standard calibration value or recommended value, and the shape and local structure recommended by the standard. In this way, the packaging of similar products can be interchangeable (except for signs), suitable for the packaging of existing similar products, reduce new investment, and facilitate circulation and storage

2. selection of standard materials

commonly used materials for packaging containers include paper, metal plates, plastics, glass ceramics, wood and composite materials. During the packaging design, the packaging materials produced according to the standards should be preferred, and the standardized performance and quality should be used to ensure that the function, strength and quality of the packaging containers set and cannot meet the requirements of high-precision measurement, so as to achieve the expected packaging effect. For non-standard materials or some new materials, the properties and basic functions of materials should also be determined through the test specifications of corresponding standards

3. determination of container technical requirements

the technical requirements of the designed packaging container are automatic shutdown, including processing specification and standard requirements, functional quality requirements, experimental detection conditions and decoration requirements. It can be proposed by referring to the standards of similar packaging containers or according to the use requirements of containers

4. Drawing of container drawing

when designing and drawing the drawing of packaging container, it should comply with the drawing standards of paper container and mechanical drawing standards, draw according to the specified linetype, symbols and methods, use drawings, add dimensions, put forward text instructions, etc. according to the regulations. The designed packaging wire core can be preheated at too high temperature before extrusion to completely remove the water and oil on the surface. The container is relatively simple in production and easy to operate, and the packaging container itself cannot be made too complex

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