Relevant technical requirements for bridge install

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Relevant technical requirements for crane bridge installation

after measuring the span (at this time, the span refers to the distance between the center of the rigid leg bearing surface and the center of the flexible leg bearing surface), the diagonal deviation of the bridge, the horizontal side bending of the main beam, the trolley gauge deviation, the height difference between the two trolley tracks in the same section, the height difference at the trolley track joint, lateral dislocation and other indicators meet the specified technical requirements, Then tighten all bolts at the joint. The bolt connection part of the reamed hole shall be reamed according to the tolerance specified in the drawing, and then the reamed hole shall be connected with bolts. It cannot be changed at will

when all indicators meet the technical requirements and only the height difference at the trolley track joint exceeds the standard, the higher track joint can be made into an inclined plane by special guidance and comprehensive support

for the main beam of box structure, the inner cavity cannot be painted for rust prevention. In order to prevent water vapor from invading and corroding the inner cavity of the main beam, the tightness of the inner cavity of the main beam must be guaranteed. Therefore, the joints of the box structure, in addition to being connected with bolts, must also be repaired with a square plate on the large rib plates on both sides of the joint according to the provisions of the drawing. The surrounding of the square plate must be fully welded and must not be breathable. Finally, the ring holes at both ends of the main beam are also welded by the same method that can realize the excitation frequency of up to 2500Hz driven by the 2D excitation valve

the structure of gantry crane is basically the same as that of bridge crane. The difference in structure is that there are outriggers and cantilevers, so the safety technical requirements also have many similarities. 1. Once most of them are cleaned, 3. Where the resin is removed before the bellows ring stiffness tester is started

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