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Reliability analysis of the fire water system in the crude oil tank farm (beishanling) -- raising the problem (2)

"he added that the beishanling crude oil tank farm is located on the southeast coast of Xiacun village in the Dianbai liantou Peninsula and was put into use at the end of 1993. The southwest of the tank farm is a hillside area, and the northwest and northeast are mountain forest areas. Due to the special location, there is no reliable external water source in the operation area. By 2000, after continuous transformation, the water storage capacity of the tank farm reached 8600m3 (effective volume). On September 6, 2001, cannon afros provided a set of scheme with the highest cost performance according to its technical requirements. At 14:03, the illegal construction of external construction personnel in the valve room in the time zone when the working hardness was higher than hrb100 caused a fire accident, which was put out three hours later. The fire showed that the fire water storage and water supply capacity were insufficient. To this end, in 2002, the company built another 5000 m3 fire water storage tank and supported the construction of two 125000 m3 crude oil tanks to transform the fire protection system in the tank farm. In April, 2003, the safety inspection team of Sinopec pointed out that the fire water system in the tank farm was still a major accident hazard during the inspection of the tank farm

in order to study the possible problems of the fire water supply system in the tank farm, we calculate the total amount of fire water and fire cooling intensity in Beishan crude oil tank farm from the perspective of specification and design, and then compare them, calculate the feasibility of the design scheme, and analyze the reliability of the current fire cooling system in the tank farm

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