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People: we can't condone pollution under the banner of "development". Release date: Source: people - people

ecological environment debts, after all, must be repaid, and even need to be repaid "with interest". If we do not pay close attention to ecological and environmental protection from now on, the cost will be greater in the future

for some time, the argument that "strengthening ecological environment protection has affected economic development and people's employment and income growth" has reappeared in some places. For example, since September 2017, when analyzing the operation of industrial economy, the economic and Information Technology Commission of a province has attributed the decline in the added value of the pharmaceutical industry to "being affected by environmental protection inspectors" and "throwing the pot" to ecological environmental protection. The central environmental protection inspector found that some pharmaceutical enterprises in the province had prominent environmental problems, which were strongly reflected by the masses. They should have been seriously investigated and thoroughly rectified, but the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission still found reasons to excuse them. Some pharmaceutical enterprises' peculiar smell disturbing residents was mainly supervised by the central environmental protection inspector in 2016, and it has not been rectified in place until this year's "looking back"

in the face of the continuous strengthening of ecological and environmental protection, some illegal sewage enterprises and local governments complain incessantly that environmental protection supervision is excessive. In fact, it is not that environmental protection supervision is overdone, but that these enterprises and local governments have deviated from their ideas and actions, their ideological understanding is still not in place, and they have not really established the concept of "green waters and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". The chronic disease of emphasizing economic development and neglecting ecological environmental protection is difficult to get rid of. For ecological environmental protection, it is still "important to say, loud to shout, and neutral to do"

objectively speaking, if only small accounts, current accounts and local accounts are calculated, the iron fist pollution control may have a temporary impact on the economic development of some places in China, which can provide a source of demand development and enterprises under the current economic situation. But this is like scraping bones to cure poison and breaking wrists, which is the pain and price that must be paid. The ecological environment debt, after all, must be repaid, and even needs to be double repaid "with interest". If we don't pay close attention to ecological and environmental protection from now on), the cost will be greater in the future. The economic data of some enterprises and localities are bright, but the pollutants discharged by them endanger the health of the people and leave the ecological environment in a mess. The cost of remediation and restoration in the future may be an "astronomical figure". When calculating the general ledger, it is actually eating out of pocket, losing big things for small things, and the gains outweigh the losses

the development history of countries around the world and many places in China has repeatedly shown that protecting the ecological environment is to protect productivity, improving the ecological environment is to develop productivity, and high-intensity environmental protection can effectively promote high-quality development. In recent years, China has vigorously strengthened the construction of ecological civilization, and vivid cases of win-win between ecological environmental protection and economic development continue to emerge. For example, after the central environmental protection supervision group called for rectification, 76 polluting enterprises in Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, Guangdong were closed within a year, and the output value of industries above designated size decreased by 1/3. After the withdrawal of low-end industries, the local cage for birds, business selection and capital selection, introduced a number of high-quality projects such as Foxconn, and ushered in new development opportunities. For another example, Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province has vigorously promoted the green development of the lead-acid battery industry. In recent years, it has continued to eliminate "low, small and scattered" enterprises, transformed and upgraded, expanded and strengthened, and changed from the original key monitoring object of high energy consumption and high emissions to today's national model of new industrialization. In 2017, the output value of the lead-acid battery industry in the county reached 24.6 billion

economic development must not "fish for the best" of resources and ecological environment, and ecological environment protection must not abandon economic development and "fish for the sake of wood". We say that we are no longer simply talking about heroes based on GDP growth. Instead, we need to reverse the idea of only focusing on economic growth and ignoring the development of other undertakings, but its ultimate target market and meimeike, and reverse the reckless and reckless approach to GDP and other economic growth figures. There is no other way to achieve the coordination between economic and social development and population, resources and environment. Green waters and green mountains are by no means opposed to Jinshan and Yinshan. E-xstream engineering is happy to cooperate with Kesheng technology to integrate digimat RP and Moldex3D interface. The key is to establish a correct development concept and choose a good development industry according to local conditions

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