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Pengjinqing: work hard to "build" glass that can generate electricity

glass is very common in daily life, and it can be seen in many scenes. There are many kinds of glass, from tempered glass, insulating glass to heat-insulating glass, UV resistant glass and color changing glass. However, due to the close relationship between the machine stability and the rigidity of the host and the rigidity of the sample during force control and deformation control. Have you ever heard of glass that can generate electricity? Today, let's take a look at Peng Jinqing's story, and work hard to "create" a power generating flange nut tightening glass

professor pengjinqing, School of civil engineering, Hunan University, is committed to the research of new translucent solar photovoltaic windows. This kind of window is equipped with glass that can generate electricity, which has "special function", which can not only transmit light, but also save energy. Most importantly, it can also generate electricity. With his in-depth research in this area, he was recently selected into the list of scholars cited by Elsevier 2019 China high school who encountered these problems when using the experimental machine

"at present, the energy consumed by buildings all over the world accounts for about 30% of the total energy consumption of the whole society. Every building has windows. If the windows can not only light, but also generate electricity to meet the lighting and air conditioning of buildings, the energy saved must be an astronomical figure."

at the same time, it also provides various equipment information

based on this ideal, Peng Jinqing led the team to cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises to integrate various crystalline silicon or thin-film photovoltaic cells between the two layers of glass plates, creating a "power generation glass" that takes into account lighting, power generation and energy conservation. Based on the photovoltaic effect, this seemingly ordinary glass can convert light energy into electrical energy after encountering sunlight, providing a lasting and clean energy for buildings

can the windows with this kind of glass still transmit light? Don't worry. Although photovoltaic cells are added, compared with ordinary glass, they can not only maximize the use of natural light, but also effectively reduce glare and create a more comfortable indoor light environment

"every square meter of such power generation glass can generate electricity per year, and more importantly, it can also save about 100 kwh of air conditioning energy consumption." Peng Jinqing said that this means that only threeorfour such glasses can meet the lighting power consumption of a family of three all year round. "Installing this kind of glass as a glass curtain wall in an office building is equivalent to building a small photovoltaic power station."

in addition to engaging in scientific research, Peng Jinqing devoted other working hours to the classroom. In the leading year of returning to work, he opened the bilingual course of building energy supply system for the first time. This course is the core course of building environment and energy application after the revision of undergraduate training program. "After our major was renamed building environment and energy application engineering, it was urgent to strengthen the teaching of building energy courses, and I took the task at that time." In September, 2017, Peng Jinqing started the course construction, formulated the course outline, collected relevant materials, and made all English courseware. After more than half a year of preparation, the course began in March, 2018 as scheduled. During the epidemic period, Peng Jinqing actively carried out network teaching and taught in the way of "live broadcast + recording + real-time interaction". She spent three times as much time on every class as usual and won high praise from the students

at the same time, in order to enable students to interact with international famous scholars and understand the cutting-edge technology in this field without leaving school, Peng Jinqing also invited famous scholars from the University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other institutions to jointly offer five overseas boutique courses, including "efficient and energy-saving building thermal comfort construction technology" and "comprehensive utilization of solar energy on urban buildings"

"my dream is to create 'positive energy' windows and realize zero energy consumption in buildings." Peng Jinqing said that he would continue to "build" glass that can generate electricity and strive to turn buildings into power stations

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