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Industry insiders talk about digital publishing

@ Gong Shuguang: there is a lingering feeling that China's book industry is brewing a major earthquake. The two huge forces of market and technology may tear the fragile crust of traditional business forms at any time. System reform is only the prediction and prevention of earthquakes by the central government, not the earthquake itself. The industry enjoyed the uproar of this carnival revolution, but I was always nervous to prepare for earthquakes. I know I'm doomed, but I hope to survive and win the first hand in reconstruction

@Rick_ Giliani: the printing and publishing industry and the recording industry have one thing in common: consumers buy content, but the market is selling carriers. In a broad sense, the traditional industrial chain and business model have problems. In the future, we should think more about how to sell content and services, and how to integrate and extend them

@ Dou Linqing: he has developed a series of starch based fully degradable packaging materials and products. Content providers do digital publishing to avoid major events that cause death. Therefore, unlike others, his core competitiveness in digital publishing is content productivity and content brand power, but in the final analysis, it is content productivity

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