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The pen trend is gradually warming up: the sales of hero pens have increased year by year

a pen is pinned in the pocket of the coat, and a world famous book is held under the arm, which is the classic style of literary and artistic youth in the last century. Decades of years have passed, the retro trend has risen, and the pen market has gradually warmed up. The pens in the stationery box have gradually given way to neutral pens and signature pens, which are returning to the public's attention with a more high-end image. Last year, the total output of pens in China was 305million, with a year-on-year increase of 17.31%

practicality diminishes the sense of design. The upper

pen is a writing tool, but from the current situation, its practicality is not so important. Consumers buy design and collection value rather than writing tools. Wu Shaoping, vice president of the China pen making Association, told the Beijing Morning Post that gifts and collection are the two most important reasons for the increase in the production of fountain pens. "The recovery is mainly in the medium and high-end market." He cited hero as an example. The high-end pens launched in the middle-aged and elderly market are priced from 500 yuan to 2300 yuan. In terms of collection, there are two kinds of cases, one is an antique pen produced in the 1950s or even earlier, and the other is a modern pen with exquisite style and workmanship. The pen body is usually inlaid with shells, gemstones, etc

at the 22nd APEC informal leaders' meeting in November 2014, leaders of 21 member economies picked up the carefully crafted golden pen of heroes. In recent 10 years, synthetic polymers such as polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) hydrogels as vitreous substitutes have attracted attention at home and abroad. Since then, hero has also launched the medium and high-end collection level pen "Fu" series ebony pens, with a total of only 1000 produced, which has attracted collectors. It also announced a partnership with Swarovski to produce gem pens for young and fashionable women. The Beijing Morning Post saw in tmall's hero official flagship store that this pen has many beautiful "colors, such as Everest white, strawberry powder, cowboy blue, mint green and so on. The metal ring in the middle is inlaid with Swarovski zircon, and the price is 420 yuan. In Montblanc official, the cheapest ink pen costs 4100 yuan, and the most expensive Daban Twilight series 149 hollow out ink pen costs as much as 62700 yuan, which is not lower than the famous brand bag loved by many women

some people are interested in the collection value of pens. Some "antique" gold pens, such as doctors and heroes, produced and used in the 1940s and 1950s, have a current market transaction price of tens of thousands of yuan. As early as February, 1990, a silver pen holder "swistica" produced by Parker company in 1910 was sold at auction in New York for $8000. In August of the next year, the owner of the pen sold it for $28000. In October, 1998, at an auction in London, England, a Parker 38 serpentine pen produced in the early 20th century was sold for 38000 pounds. Collectors said that the collection value and investment value of pens are closely related to the gold content, production age, lifetime and celebrity pens

Wu Shaoping mentioned that the increase in output showed a significant characteristic of "one high and one low". In addition to high-end, low-end pens should not be underestimated. "Some simple pens are mainly used by children who go to school in rural areas, and the amount is also large." He said that the export volume also showed the same characteristics: high-end pens were mainly exported to Europe and the United States, while a large number of low-end pens entered the Indian market

another significant change from small stationery stores to large shopping malls is the sales channel. Beijing Morning Post recently visited the market and found that it was not easy to buy pens in stationery stores, the main battlefield of pen sales in the past

near a nine-year primary school in Chaoyang District, there are two stationery stores. Ballpoint pens, neutral pens, pencils, etc. are placed in a prominent position, with many varieties. Pens and inks are always placed in the cashier. Customers cannot take them out without the consent of the owner. One store has two pens, while the other has only one. "The stationery we sell in our store are all kinds of stationery that students are required to prepare in the opposite school." A shopkeeper told the Beijing Morning Post that this school only requires pens in the upper grades of primary school, pencils in the lower grades, and neutral pens after junior high school. Therefore, there is little demand for pens, and there are few stocks in the store. "Pens are not so easy to break, so there is no need to change them often."

however, pens are more and more prominent in shopping malls and e-commerce platforms, and most of them are in the form of specialty stores or counters. According to the information inquired by Beijing Morning Post on pike pen official, pike has opened 34 counters in Beijing alone, distributed in Wangfujing (16.280,0.00,0.00%) department store, Financial Street (10.850, -0.29, -2.60%), Chaoyang Joy City, xinguangtiandi and other well-known shopping malls, as well as bookstores such as PAGEONE and Book Building; At present, there are four Parker brand stores in JD mall, and there are more than a dozen Parker exclusive stores on tmall, including the official flagship store

the German brand Lingmei has relatively few sales points. Beijing Morning Post inquired from Lingmei pen official that the company has six branches in Beijing, two stores in JD mall and only one official flagship store on tmall. Montblanc pens, which sell for tens of thousands of yuan, have opened their exclusive stores in high-end shopping malls such as the international trade mall and Yansha friendship mall in Beijing. In addition, Japanese platinum platinum, Picasso and other brands are also popular pen brands

in addition, compared with the past, when there was no independent packaging, or at most one simple carton and plastic box packaging, the medium and high-end pens that are gradually seizing the market are beautifully packaged, and it is very pleasant to give them to others or use them by yourself. In terms of use, it is also emphasized that the ink or ink bag specified by the brand must be used together to improve the writing experience of the pen

it's sunny at noon in spring. Walking through Dongsi South Street, Guangyi repair pen shop is still closed as in the legend. Looking in through the glass door, a dark red plaid blocked my view. Mentioning this "the last pen repair shop in Beijing" always spreads an atmosphere of nostalgia and sadness. But in fact, the pen business is much better than expected

the monthly sales volume of e-commerce platform is more than 10000

search "pen" on tmall, and you can find more than 20000 items at a time. Among them, the monthly sales of the top nine products exceeded 10000, and the number one hero pen even reached 33000. Jingdong Mall currently has 104000 "pens" on sale, and the Parker pen, which ranks first in sales, has received more than 49000 comments

sales of hero pens have increased year after year.

in the eyes of many people, "hero" seems to be synonymous with pens. On the 85th anniversary of "hero pen" on June 13, 2016, hero group disclosed that its sales in 2015 exceeded 100 million yuan again, of which the sales of hero group increased by 7.3% year-on-year, and the sales of hero gold pen factory increased by 33% year-on-year; From January to may 2016, sales continued to grow by 12.31% and 26.17%. The annual sales of e-commerce also showed a growth rate of 50%

the annual output of domestic market has solved the problem of rapid roof caving in air intake area, Laotang, goaf, air return area and luoshanjiao at the same time, with an increase of 17.31%

except for heroes, the whole industry is doing well. The data obtained by Beijing Morning Post from China pen making association is more convincing. In 2016, we will continue to unswervingly support the executive chair and the SAR government to govern in accordance with the law. The total output of fountain pens in China was 305million, with a year-on-year increase of 17.31%. This growth momentum began in 2013. At the same time, the export volume also increased significantly. In 2016, the export volume of fountain pens in China increased by 16.07% year-on-year

China ranks first in the world, with a contribution of 48%

the data of Euromonitor International, a global market consulting company, shows that the global pen sales in 2016 increased by 2.1% year-on-year, reaching $1.046 billion, and this figure is expected to reach $1.5 billion in 2020. More interestingly, in 2015, the top five countries in terms of pen sales were China, South Korea, Brazil, the United States and France. Now, China's pen sales are more than that of Europe combined, contributing 48% to global pen sales

now, for most people, the pen has left their sight. For people who still use pens, pens are more like an ornament or a sign to express feelings

pen fans who love writing accounts

"I mainly use pens to make accounts." "Post-90s" female college students have the habit of recording life. Her hand account will choose different notebooks and pens according to different contents. A Lingmei pen is her most commonly used tool for writing text. "The words written with a pen are very textured, and the pen has a high appearance value and smooth writing. I like it very much." The popularity of hand accounts has cultivated a group of loyal fans of pens. Ms. Bao, who likes keeping accounts and collecting notebooks and pens, said that in 2016, she spent more than 5000 yuan on buying pens, notebooks and other products related to accounts

partners who recall the taste of love

in the era of typing instead of writing, handwritten words are more precious. "Post-70s" Mr. Qin and his wife each cherish a hero pen of the same style and different colors, which is a gift given to each other when they fall in love. "As soon as I write, I will think of the time when I was in love. At that time, I used this pen to practice calligraphy in front of the calligraphy every day. It took half a year to finally practice into a good calligraphy." Although he writes less now, whenever he smells the smell of ink, he can't help but write a few words

the writer who shows the beauty of Chinese characters

uses a pen and writes feelings. Beijing Morning Post found in the interview that with the rise of retro culture, people who can still stick to writing with a pen in the electronic information age adhere to the same original intention. "Hard pen calligraphy is the unique beauty of Chinese characters. Only writing with a pen can accurately and perfectly reflect the beauty of Chinese characters." A hard pen calligraphy enthusiast said

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