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Will pensions run out in 2035? The truth is

as "coal"; Birds of a feather rdquo; In fact, as early as April this year, the Ministry of human resources and social security has made an authoritative response to this: it can fully ensure the long-term payment of pensions in full and on time, and can fully ensure the healthy and stable operation of the system. Please rest assured, and please rest assured for the retirees

"the pensions in some provinces and cities are insufficient"

What's the matter

in recent years, the news of "insufficient pensions in some provinces and cities" has been reported by the media from time to time, "how to provide for the aged after the 1980s and 1990s" has become a "pain" in the hearts of many people. Thus, statements such as "pension will be exhausted in 2035" can easily touch the sensitive nerves of the public and often become a hot topic

there are differences in pension payments in various regions. On the surface, it is the reason for economic development, but in essence, it is the flow of labor. Labor force is the payer and contributor of endowment insurance, and it is the recipient and beneficiary after retirement. In the context of provincial-level pension planning, labor mobility has led to differences in pension dependency ratios (the ratio of the number of insured employees to the number of people receiving pension insurance benefits) across regions

in provinces and cities with large labor inflow, due to the relatively young labor inflow, more payers and less recipients, there are often more balances and higher pension support. On the contrary, in some provinces and cities where labor flows out, the number of contributors is small, the expenditure pressure is high, and the pension support is relatively low. Therefore, there is a situation of "insufficient pensions in some provinces and cities"

five measures

ensure the sustainable development of endowment insurance

in the face of the increasing pressure on pension revenue and expenditure, the central government has taken a series of positive and effective measures:

first, through the implementation of the comprehensive policy of reducing social security rates, make the "cake" of endowment insurance bigger, and form a virtuous circle between enterprise development and the development of endowment insurance system. On April 10, the State Council issued the comprehensive plan for reducing social insurance premium rates, reducing the experimental load of the unit payment proportion of endowment insurance to a positive value of 1, and adjusting the upper and lower limits of the individual payment base. The implementation of the two policies not only reduces the social security burden of enterprises, but also reduces the threshold of insurance payment, which is conducive to improving the enthusiasm of enterprises and employees to participate in insurance, and bringing more employees into the endowment insurance system, forming a virtuous circle

second, through the implementation of the central fund adjustment system, we can balance the burden of endowment insurance between regions and help difficult regions ensure the distribution. At the end of 2018, the accumulated balance of the enterprise endowment insurance fund of those who never wait, don't try to make progress, and sit on their laurels reached 4.78 trillion, which has a relatively strong guarantee ability. However, structural contradictions are relatively prominent, and there is a great imbalance between regions. Since the second half of last year, the central government has implemented the central adjustment system of endowment insurance funds, and the progress is relatively smooth. The importance of spring testing machine has begun to effectively alleviate structural contradictions

third, we will continue to increase the strategic reserve fund, which will continue to become bigger and stronger in the future. At present, the national social security fund has about 2trillion strategic reserves, and the transfer of some state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund has started, and will continue to increase the transfer in the future

fourth, the financial investment in basic endowment insurance at all levels has increased year by year. This year, the central government has allocated 528.5 billion yuan for enterprise endowment insurance, an increase of 9.4% year-on-year. Local governments have also made corresponding financial arrangements

fifth, other reforms of endowment insurance are advancing steadily, and the internal incentive and restraint mechanism of the system is further improved. The Ministry of human resources and social security will take comprehensive measures with relevant departments to actively and steadily carry out the investment and operation of endowment insurance funds, increase the central adjustment of funds, constantly improve the level of overall planning, strengthen fund supervision, etc. at the same time, it will continue to strengthen the self construction of the system, so as to make the incentive and restraint mechanism of more and more contributions and long-term contributions more perfect

to sum up, it is realistic that the pressure of pension payment has increased, but the countermeasures are also effective

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