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The 2012 China International label technology exhibition is scheduled to be held in hall H2 of the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall on October. More than 100 well-known label equipment and material suppliers will gather in Shanghai again to jointly offer 8500 square meters of banquet to colleagues in the industry. The well-known heat transfer carbon belt brand Shanghai pengma will also bring its main products to the exhibition

Company Profile

pengma industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. not only has the world's most advanced technical equipment and skilled R & D personnel, but also has a production hardware platform with the same processing accuracy as manufacturers in Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. It is one of the main manufacturers of heat transfer carbon tapes in China. Peng code meets the size requirements of customers with the latest technology, and can meet the requirements of long-term brand printers all over the world

exhibit recommendations

Peng code heat transfer carbon tape is not only suitable for bar code printers, high-speed intelligent printers, tag printers, wire number printers, etc., but also can be cut according to the specifications required by customers. According to different uses, pengma heat transfer carbon tapes are divided into three types: wax based, mixed based and resin based, such as ur110 (enhanced wax based), ur210 (Universal mixed based), ur217 (near edge mixed based), ur311 (durable resin based operation mode: fully automatic), ur41 and 1 (water washed resin based) since last year. Pengma heat transfer carbon tape has excellent back coating performance, which can not only improve the high temperature printing performance of the carbon tape, but also protect the print head and prolong the service life of the print head

exhibition message

I wish 2012 China International label technology exhibition a complete success. At the same time, I hope that through the joint efforts of enterprises and deepening the industry university research cooperation industry, consumers can obtain more secure self-adhesive products

about China International label technology exhibition

label China has been successfully held twice. As the largest professional exhibition in China's label industry, it is committed to building an industry exchange platform and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

2012 China International label exhibition, with the theme of digital, intelligent, green and safety, focuses on the display of advanced label printing technology and brand-new label product application concepts, which has been widely supported and recognized by the industry. On the basis of 2010, the area has been expanded to 8500 square meters again. The original exhibition hall can no longer meet the needs of the exhibition. This time, the venue is moved to the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall, hoping to develop with the industry and create brilliance

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