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New field of energy conservation and environmental protection Dalian forklift intensive cultivation new energy market

new field of energy conservation and environmental protection Dalian forklift intensive cultivation new energy market

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with the rapid development of domestic logistics industry and the strengthening of environmental awareness, the demand for battery forklifts has increased significantly. Especially driven by the favorable policies of the domestic new energy vehicle industry, the new technology of battery forklift has been rapidly improved and upgraded, which has played a huge role in promoting the development of battery vehicles. Under such a technical background and market prospect, Dalian forklift new energy development department has been committed to the upgrading of products and the research and development of new battery forklift products, relying on years of production and R & D experience, combined with the industry's most advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technology, and keeping improving. In recent years, facing the domestic technology gap, Dalian forklift R & D system has continuously overcome difficulties, and achieved major technological breakthroughs from DC motor to AC motor, lead-acid battery to lithium battery. It has always been in a leading position in China and has been directly catching up with the international advanced level. The new energy forklift products of Dalian forklift truck are mainly energy-saving and environment-friendly. While ensuring the quality, they strive to maximize the cost savings and bring the best product experience to customers

taking the cpd15hb balanced weight battery forklift developed in the early stage of Dalian forklift as an example, this product uses new lithium batteries to replace lead-acid batteries, which solves the problems of the old lead-acid battery forklift, such as low voltage platform, heavy weight, low specific energy, non environmental protection and so on, and fills the gap in the domestic market at one fell swoop. The car has a high design starting point, beautiful appearance, high operation efficiency and strong reliability. It is a new generation of ideal battery forklift with high cost performance, which is more suitable for the needs of domestic and foreign markets. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have a long service life, which is three times that of lead-acid batteries, and can save more than 40% of electricity. The application of lithium batteries effectively reduces the management cost of battery forklifts and saves the storage space of batteries; And there is no need to add water, and there will be no dripping corrosion problem. The lithium battery forklift can realize the fast charging mode. The hourly fast charging mode is suitable for multi shift operation, eliminating the time and safety risks of battery replacement with obvious regional differences. The forklift has stronger power, which can effectively improve the operation efficiency. In addition, Dalian new energy series forklifts adopt new AC motor and variable frequency speed regulation technology, which solves some inherent defects in the performance and maintenance of the DC motor system itself, so that the forklift has less heat and higher efficiency in work, completely overcomes the shortcomings of DC motor, such as high heat generation, low efficiency and frequent maintenance, and makes the battery forklift have a qualitative leap

in view of the booming market situation of small-scale logistics and warehousing industry, combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, Dalian forklift has also developed a forward moving battery forklift and a three fulcrum battery forklift that are more suitable for small-scale working environment. In addition to the advantages of adopting AC motors, imported controllers, intelligent combination instruments and high-strength gantry for forklift products with big fork new energy, these two series of products have their own characteristics and can adapt to different works. As a graphene R & D center, Jining has a deep foundation in the coal chemical industry, and graphene can be used in a wide range of fields. The development of this industry can gradually penetrate into the industrial environment that needs transformation

Dalian three fulcrum battery forklift adopts internationally renowned imported gearbox, which is high efficiency, low noise and long-term maintenance free. The cab is designed according to ergonomics, which is convenient and comfortable to operate. With high-frequency MOSFET integrated controller and efficient walking control system, the walking and lifting control of the product in use is more stable and accurate. Equipped with AC traveling system forklift drive, the board here does not refer to the board of the computer, which makes the performance of the whole machine higher and the service time of the battery longer

Dalian forward moving battery forklift adopts EPS electronic power steering, which can achieve maximum steering with minimum operating force, which not only makes the steering light and flexible, but also efficient and quiet. The vehicle adopts electromagnetic braking and is equipped with emergency power-off function to ensure safe and reliable use. This series of products are equipped with oil pump motor control system, which reduces the heating of the hydraulic system and saves more energy. In addition, deductions are made in Zhengzhou University (2003), Xi'an Jiaotong University (2005), East China University of Technology (2006), South China University of Technology (2007), Beijing University of Chemical Technology (2008), Changzhou Wujin District Government (2009), Huazhong University of science and Technology (2010), Qingdao University of science and Technology (2011 Huanghai Hotel), Zhejiang University (2012 Hangzhou Huagang HNA Resort), Ningbo Association of science and Technology (2013 Ninghai Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel) Dalian University of Technology (Dalian Senior Management College in 2014) and HuoYingDong Research Institute of Hong Kong University of science and Technology (2015) held a meeting. The speed box, control system and other main components are imported from Germany and Italy, ensuring the most advanced technology and the best product experience of the vehicle

with the rapid development of the new energy forklift market, Dalian forklift is constantly committed to improving product performance and quality, increasing R & D investment, ensuring to expand the market with the most advanced technology and the best product services in the industry, leading the industry trend to the forefront, and doing its best to meet the diversified needs of customers at home and abroad

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