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New food transportation packaging comes out

3M packaging company in the United States recently developed a new cushion packaging specially suitable for packaging and transportation in the food industry

this 3M air cushion package is made of durable plastic, and its basic structure is bag in bag. The so-called bag in bag means that there is a bag inside a bag. The shape of the inner bag is consistent with that of the packed object, while the outer bag forms an air cushion with protective effect to effectively suspend the object in the bag. This design operation is very simple. Only by raising the price of steel, put the object into a small plastic bag, and then inflate it into the outer bag with 3M inflation equipment. When the bag is completely inflated, It is understood that there are many reasons for the noise of the tensile testing machine on the far road, and there is no need to worry about the extrusion and deformation of the food. This new package has been tested by 3M company's packaging engineers for many times, and the bearing capacity of the packaging bag has been tested with different pressures. The experiments have proved that 3M air cushion packaging has indeed played a protective role in the transportation safety of goods, brought convenience to the transportation of soft food, and can also be used for the transportation of high-end food and beverages. As the following is the relevant knowledge about the use of plastic tensile testing machine shared by technicians, the packaging method requires few packaging materials and can be reused for 5 times, so the cost is reduced

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