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The world's new food packaging machinery has appeared in total exhibition

British total exhibition, which is a comprehensive exhibition covering food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry and other fields. It is a combination of the original ppma processing and packaging exhibition (focusing on various processing and packaging machinery), pakex Packaging Exhibition (focusing on packaging equipment and packaging materials), eurichm European Chemical Technology Exhibition (focusing on chemical processing technology), the largest in Europe, and INTERPHEX International Pharmaceutical Technology Exhibition (focusing on biological and Pharmaceutical Technology)

the processing and packaging industry in the UK has developed rapidly, and various exhibitions are highly competitive. In order to meet the needs of worldwide competition, the above four major exhibitions finally reached a consensus and merged through various efforts

it is reported that the first exhibition after the merger was recently held at NEC International Exhibition Center in Birmingham, England, and will be held every three years. The first total comprehensive exhibition has five exhibition halls, with an exhibition area of about 100000 m2, more than 1000 enterprises participating, and more than 40000 professional visitors

the exhibition will arrange exhibition areas and booths according to the processing and packaging processes of food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, washing products and chemical products, which will greatly improve the efficiency of visiting, and at the same time, materials and machinery will be more combined

the hot spot of the exhibition is to seek the best solutions for processing and packaging processes, as well as the application and promotion of new technologies and new materials in preparation for the next experiment. The selection of materials, the design of packaging, the technical development and utilization capacity of non-ferrous materials, the intelligent control of processing process, the accuracy of testing machinery, the high efficiency and low consumption of packaging equipment, etc. can be demonstrated and explained directly by the on-site engineers to find a satisfactory solution for users. In addition, the maintenance of equipment, the replacement of accessories, the recycling of packaging and the use of environmental protection technology are also very eye-catching

total is a joyful event for the packaging buyers in the food and beverage industry. Many of the latest packaging, packaging machinery and processing equipment are on the stage here. For example:

the new food feeder exhibited by acrisointcmational company in the UK has two versions of equipment with metering and mixing functions, dissolution and specific gravity, which is suitable for feeding all kinds of food

the new liquid filling equipment exhibited by Adelphi company in the UK adopts the top workbench separation control design to handle various types of liquid filling, 8 The oil collector of the spring change experimental oil pump is not pressed on the pump body. The S400 filling pipe is hot sealed, and 6 filling heads are used for high-speed filling

although the domestic graphene market is hot, the sealing equipment displayed by British beracal company is a mixture of good and evil people, which is specially used for the packaging of beer, sports drinks and mineral water, and can extend the shelf life of drinks packaged with PET materials

the high-speed labeling and detection machine exhibited by Dimaco company in the UK can achieve a labeling detection speed of 200/min, greatly reducing the wrong labeling rate. In addition, an inkjet detector is also displayed, which can detect 1000 tinned or bottled inkjet codes per minute

British polyethylene industries is the largest supplier of polyethylene film in Europe. The company has exhibited various types of polyethylene packaging films, one of which is high-density polyethylene film, which has attracted wide attention from buyers

a new type of food bagging machine exhibited by German Cornwell products machine sales company can reach the bagging speed of 200 bags/min, and is equipped with measuring equipment to support the measurement of volume and specific gravity

the robotic cartoning machine p-888 exhibited by engsol company in Germany is suitable for various cartoning systems. The robot hand is made of stainless steel and boxed from the top, which is fast and accurate

exhibitors participating in total come from all over the world. Most of them are constantly innovating and creating on the basis of the original mechanical technology, and have launched their own new technologies, new machines, new materials and new packaging solutions on total. These achievements presented at the exhibition all reflect the characteristics of convenience and practicality, wide application, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high degree of automation, which is the development trend of food processing and packaging machinery technology

source: China's food industry

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