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The new forces of car making set off a wave of listing. Can the ideal of a successful IPO embrace the ideal

with the ringing of the bell, it symbolizes that ideal car officially landed on Nasdaq, which is the second new domestic car making force to successfully list in the United States after Weilai automobile

after the opening of U.S. stocks, ideal Auto's share price soared. On the first day of listing, ideal Auto's share price soared 43.13% to $16.46, with a market value of $13.917 billion, while Wei Lai Auto's share price closed down 3.94% to $12.20, with a market value of $13.572 billion. The ideal market value was Wei Lai on the same day

as early as July 28, when ideal Auto's IPO subscription was launched, some media reported that ideal Auto's IPO in the United States had been fully subscribed, which showed that ideal auto was still very popular with investors

either outstanding or out

as we all know, in recent years, the development of new car making forces is not smooth. Even Wei Lai automobile, which was listed in the United States as early as 2018, has been losing money for years. According to data, as of July 17, Weilai's market value was US $13.104 billion, with a cumulative loss of about 30 billion yuan

the cumulative loss of ideal automobile in 2018 and 2019 is about 4billion yuan. In the first quarter of 2020, it will also be affected by the surrounding environment. The ideal loss is 77.1 million yuan, and the loss in the second quarter is 75.2 million yuan. Although the loss is serious, the range of loss has narrowed compared with the same period of the previous year

Li Xiang, CEO of ideal automobile, predicted in 2019 that "the remaining time of the financing window period of the new forces of car making will not exceed one year. Within one year, a batch of enterprises will be eliminated, and 90% of investors will suffer heavy losses."

according to the official establishment of the Inner Mongolia graphene Materials Research Institute, since 2015, the ideal car has completed 10 rounds of financing, with a total financing of more than 14.6 billion yuan, which makes the ideal car that continues to "burn money" breathe a sigh of relief

侞訡, the new forces of car manufacturing have entered the crossroads of life and death. On the one hand, the car market is down, superimposing the impact of the epidemic. On the other hand, Tesla has entered China strongly, and the new car manufacturing enterprises have to die on the eve of mass production

in a short period of more than half a year, there are not a few enterprises that have been exposed to problems such as capital fracture, salary arrears, production suspension, etc. sailin, Bojun, Baiteng, lvchi, etc. all fell in response, "money shortage" has become the last straw to kill camels

in the car, a circuit with heavy assets and high research and development, there is a very small peak value setting: according to the peak value, the user will either be outstanding or out of the car manufacturing enterprise

many new car making forces have been planning for listing for a long time

more than half of 2020, and the time window for new car making enterprises has been too long. For car making enterprises that burn money, local financing alone is not enough to support the consumption of enterprise funds, so IPO is a way to solve the difficulty of funds, and IPO seems to be becoming a means to test the phased success or failure of a new car making force. It is understood that recently, domestic new car manufacturing enterprises began to enter the stage of planning to go public

on July 20, ideal auto will be officially listed on NASDAQ with "Li" as the stock code on the evening of July 31, with a fund-raising scale of at least about US $500million

on the same day, Xiaopeng automobile also announced that it had completed the c+ round of financing of nearly US $500million, with the main investors being ASPEX, coat, Hillhouse capital and Sequoia China. Up to now, Xiaopeng automobile has completed 10 rounds of financing, with a cumulative financing amount of more than 16 billion yuan

it is worth mentioning that according to media reports, Xiaopeng automobile also plans to go public in the United States in August

similarly, on the evening of July 20, Nezha automobile officially announced that it had officially launched round C financing and planned to be listed on the science and innovation board in 2021. Nezha automobile is expected to become the fourth domestic IPO car making new power car enterprise after jiweilai, ideal and Xiaopeng

in addition, it is reported that Weima automobile, a domestic new car manufacturing enterprise, is cooperating with the finance company and plans to land on the science and innovation board as soon as this year, and Weima is demanding an offer with a listing valuation of 30billion

although Weima automobile did not respond positively to this matter, from the response attitude, the listing plan may have been advancing ф。

at a time when the new domestic car making forces are in a very difficult situation, "lack of money" has become the norm of the new car making forces. The enterprise tips for friendship: the experimental methods of mechanical properties in the experimental standard of plywood for container floor are based on the method of microcomputer controlled wood-based panel universal experimental machine that meets the GB-T 17657 (1) 999 standard. In order to seek a way of survival and development, they must seek more funds to support their own research and development and production. Financing and listing have become their inevitable choice

can the ideal of successful listing embrace the ideal

do these newly built car companies mean to rest easy after they go public

automotive industry is a capital intensive industry with high investment and long turnaround cycle. Even Tesla saw the dawn of profitability in its seventeenth year of existence. From the beginning, car making was a "game" only suitable for high capitalists

as for the ideal car that was successfully launched this time, according to the data, as of June this year, the delivery volume of the ideal one exceeded 10000. In terms of delivery performance, the performance of the ideal car was better than that of many new car building forces in the same period, and the loss this year was also narrowed compared with the same period last year

in spite of this, it has only the ideal one, which has a single model, and the mode of incremental hybrid is not a hot field in the market, which is an unavoidable fact

previously, ideal one had been promoting itself as an "additional program electric vehicle". On April 30 this year, Li Xiang, the founder of ideal automobile, announced a major change. He said, "leilai no longer emphasizes that the ideal one is the concept of" incremental electric vehicle ". From now on, the ideal one is a plug-in hybrid vehicle. "

some commentators said that behind the ideal change of product positioning, it is more likely that the ideal car is helpless at the marketing level and compromises to the actual pressure.

the industry has always believed that pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles are the mainstream in the future. From another perspective, the better the ideal" incremental electric vehicles "sell, the more obvious the ceiling of the brand will be. If the ideal car of "sword walking in the wrong direction" wants to transform, it may need to go a longer way

in addition, after the launch of large-scale delivery of ideal car, there were a series of accidents such as brake failure, spontaneous combustion and axle breakage, which made the product quality problems of ideal car become hidden dangers, which also caused some users to have some information crisis about the ideal car brand

it is worth mentioning that ideal automobile put forward a 53 page risk warning in the prospectus, including the possibility that the vehicle's sex may not meet customers' expectations, increasing the technical route of electric vehicles, relying on a single product, etc

at present, the second model launched by Weilai automobile and Xiaopeng has achieved mass production and delivery, Weilai has two products es8 and ES6 on sale, and the third mass production vehicle ec6 is also about to be delivered. Xiaopeng automobile has launched G3 and P7 models, covering the fields of SUV and sedan

according to the plan, the second product of the ideal car will not be launched until 2022. It will be a full-size pure electric SUV, which is inferior to the ideal noe of the current incremental electric vehicle. Before that, the ideal car was mainly upgraded around the ideal one, and its power consumption was relatively limited

for all the new forces of car making, with the domestic production of Tesla and the efforts of multinational car companies such as Jinzhong and Toyota, the window period for the new forces of car making is shortening, and the listing does not mean that they have won the gold medal of death free. On the contrary, the car manufacturing enterprises exposed to the spotlight have to make 120000 efforts to prove their strength. The development of enterprises ultimately depends on products and the market

in a word, the road ahead of the ideal car is still full of thorns


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