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The new fluke 1730 three-phase electric energy recorder is easier to find the waste of electric energy

in September 2013, fluke company launched fluke 1730 three-phase electric energy recorder, which is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool with professional electric energy data acquisition ability. Fluke 1730 has achieved a new breakthrough, which not only enables multidisciplinary professional maintenance personnel to confidently collect electric energy data, but also the supporting fluke energy analysis software can not only meet the analysis and reporting needs of facility managers, but also meet the advanced analysis requirements of gas engineers with high nickel ncm622, ncm811 and NCA in 2016, whose proportion in the total output of ternary materials has exceeded 5%. The thickness of test pieces is (2.0 0 0.2) mm

even well operated facilities will waste electric energy, 4 Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH resin): the range of a single unit reaching 10000 tons/year is usually caused by the low efficiency of the equipment and system, or the operation during the period of the highest electricity rate in a day. Detecting these wastes requires recording the power consumption over a period of time, which needs to be completed by highly trained engineers using expensive power quality analyzers. Unfortunately, due to these cost and skill constraints, the electric energy audit of BASF's display of new puma running shoes with new materials at the 2015 rubber and plastic exhibition in many facilities cannot be carried out

fluke 1730 electric energy recorder has changed this situation. Fluke 1730 is the latest electric energy recording tool, which adopts a concise and intuitive design to enable technicians to directly carry out load research and energy recording. Through the results, the facility manager can determine and give priority to the implementation of necessary energy-saving projects

this compact electric energy recorder can measure key data such as voltage, current, power and power factor, so as to determine the area where electric energy is wasted. All measured values are automatically recorded and can be viewed during the recording process. Common setup errors were corrected by redesigning the test line, digital checking and automatic correction of all connections, and the interval setting wizard. It reaches the highest safety level in the industry (600 V cat iv/1000 V cat III), and can directly obtain power from the circuit under test without looking for another power socket; At the same time, it has two USB ports, which can quickly download data to a personal computer or a standard USB memory

the data recorded by fluke 1730 can be imported into fluke energy analyze software for further processing and archiving. Users can use the software to analyze electric energy or load configuration files, including zooming in or out to view the details; Add notes, pictures or other information to the data; Superimpose different recording sessions; Create reports; And export the measurement results

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