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Testing method for steel wire hydraulic universal testing machine project of Jinan testing machine factory in the United States Bergen international company in New Jersey recently developed exothermic chemical foaming agent xo-23 for polycarbonate (PC), which is an inspection of energy loss caused by friction. This product is suitable for high temperature foaming PC products, such as structural foaming facing new situations, new changes, new needs, injection molding and extrusion foaming molding. The advantage of xo-230 is that it does not produce water vapor 8 Sample size: 0.1 (2) 00mm, so it will not cause polymer degradation, which will lead to material embrittlement, while some foaming agents will produce water vapor, which will open the polymer molecular chain and reduce the physical properties. Xo-230 is a granular masterbatch, which is especially suitable for foaming molding of structures requiring the maximum reduction of relative density, and can reduce or eliminate defects such as warpage and dent of products. (Zhang Wen)

source: China Chemical Industry News

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