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The new fiber Imitation cotton yarn "cool silk cotton" is launched

with a 3D three-dimensional sense, good draping and fluffy, and the natural touch of cotton has entered the supplier system of general motors, Ford, Volkswagen, beautiful Citroen, Mazda and other companies through supplying to the first-class parts supporting suppliers of domestic automobile OEMs, and has obtained the supplier system certification of domestic independent brands such as great wall and SAIC, Aiming at the advantages and disadvantages of cotton and polyester, Hengli Group has successfully developed a new chemical fiber product "cool silk cotton". After the product is put on the market, the market has provided beneficial factors for manufacturers to raise prices

cotton has high water absorption, but the water is not easy to volatilize. Polyester has good quick drying performance, but it is not easy to absorb sweat, causing discomfort to the human body. The new fiber Imitation cotton yarn "cool silk cotton" effectively solves the disadvantages of cotton and polyester. The fabric made of it makes people feel cotton when wearing, and has the drapability and quick drying of polyester yarn

"cool silk cotton" fabric is suitable for making sportswear, casual wear, underwear, coats, furniture decorative cloth, etc. this new fiber cotton like yarn and ordinary natural cotton yarn are interwoven into polyester cotton fabric, which can be woven on air-jet looms. Circular knitting machines, warp knitting machines, hook knitting machines, towel machines and other models can be made, with complete specifications, and can be produced from 10 to 100 pieces

plastic wood technology has been used to produce plastic wood products by mixing waste plastic and wood powder with one component. It is understood that Hengli Group is committed to the development of new products, introducing world-class equipment, technology and modern management mechanism, and actively participating in the formulation of national standards and industrial standards by the national textile Industry Association, of which it presides over the preparation and revision of two national standards, participates in the preparation and revision of four national standards, and has obtained three domestic invention patents, 52 domestic utility model patents were authorized. Since this year, on the basis of the original fine denier and porous silk, we have further developed functional fibers and composite fibers, such as Ku Si Mian series and hfy composite 1. In terms of structural characteristics, the output of these high-tech fibers accounts for 20% of the total output

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