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New food packaging with different characteristics

food packaging is an important part of the food industry, which is related to food quality, preservation, market, economic benefits and people's health. Novel and unique packaging will attract more consumers and expand product market share

sargento foods, the second largest cheese manufacturer in the United States, has successfully developed zipper packaging for cheese and dairy products. The products are packaged in 12 ounce and 16 Ounce packages, which are easy to store, very convenient to use, and the added value of the products is increased. Now the products have been officially listed. The market has expanded rapidly, and has achieved a good development momentum with an annual growth rate of 6% - 12%

American reieel company launched a package to extend the shelf life of sliced apples. The shelf life of the products can reach 42 days under cold storage conditions, and the color and taste remain unchanged during the shelf life. Sliced apples have achieved breakthroughs in key areas. Before fruit packaging, they were soaked in calcium and ascorbic acid salt water, together with cream and sugar sauce, which were respectively packed in lattice (two lattice) plates, covered with additives that can prevent condensation, and also made sliced apples have a longer shelf life. The food is sold to baby families who eat auxiliary food, and is deeply welcomed by these family consumers

Japan has developed quick cooked food packaging that can avoid soaking food with water vapor by heating. The packaging material is composed of polypropylene film, polyethylene film, paper and aluminum foil. When heated, the water vapor condenses on the surface of the film, and then is absorbed by the paper, so as to avoid soaking the food and maintain the prototype and original flavor of the food

Japan launched a new vacuum package for canned coffee, which is composed of the tank body of the traditional metal tank, the spill cover with vent hole, the full opening end cover, the outer cover and the bottom of the tank, which can reduce the emission of coffee aroma and prevent the oxidation of the product. The spill cover designed on the new packaging tank is made of LLDPE, which is 0 07 μ Under the pressure of PA, it is sealed on the metal can together with the full open end cover. There are deep marks around the full open end cover. It is reported that it can be opened only by pulling the pull ring, which is very convenient to open. There is a vent hole on the spill cover, and the pressure in the top space of the tank can be adjusted after the full open end cover is opened. Ensure that coffee particles are not easy to leak out

Japanese relief printing company invented a new type of paper can packaging for beer, fruit juice and beverages. The tank body is made of polyethylene, paper, aluminum, PET polyester and other composite materials, which can ensure the strength of the tank body. It can be directly circulated in the prototype of cans, which can be used by automatic sales machines like traditional iron cans. It is convenient to recycle and dispose, can be burned, and is pollution-free. The paper can packaging can maintain a high degree of sealing and sterilization. It is lighter than iron cans and glass bottles and can be filled at high temperature. It is packed with aluminum, which can protect the edge and strengthen anti oxygen. The shelf life at room temperature is more than 1 year. TREBOR packaging company launched magnetic fresh-keeping packaging for vegetables, which combines inflatable packaging technology with advanced magnetic paper packaging technology. Vegetables are packed in film bags with magnetic paper. After vacuuming, the air in the bag is removed first, and then filled with inert gas. After the packaging bag is sealed, the magnetic paper can continuously emit harmless long wave infrared radiation, thereby limiting the activity of bacteria in water molecules and absorbing a small amount of ethylene gas. Another kind of magnetic paper contains ingredients that can eliminate odor, and can also absorb a large amount of ethylene gas. The package is controlled by computer, which can greatly extend the natural shelf life of vegetables and has great market potential

the new packaging design of Evian water in France is unique. Evian water is the largest bottled water in Western Europe and is also a famous brand water. The package designed by the manufacturer takes water droplets as the shape, the upper end of the package is blue, the middle is transparent glass, and is inlaid with the golden word "Evian 2004", which is very eye-catching. The bottom depicts the snow peaks of the French Alps, which skillfully combines the unique packaging design with the inherent high quality of the product. The fashionable decoration of dinner is provided to consumers. Due to the launch of the 2004 new year's limited bottle product and limited sale, this product has become a good gift for relatives and friends during the festival

France has also developed frozen food insulation bags. The appearance of insulation bags is similar to that of plastic bags and paper bags of commodities or commodities provided by supermarkets, but they are thicker. The bag is divided into two layers. The outer layer is general plastic and thick paper if there are problems such as material dead corners in the injection molding machine, and the inner layer is an insulating layer made of nylon fiber. The upper part of the commodity bag is tightly sealed, and the principle is similar to that of a thermos bottle. The holding time is 2 hours, 3 hours and 4 hours, and different temperatures such as 0 ℃, -4 ℃ and 10 ℃ can be maintained. There are also portable travel bags, which can accommodate 10. These materials can meet the requirements of the charging pile shell for weather resistance, fall resistance, environmental protection, etc. for more than kilograms of frozen food, and the heat preservation time is longer. Frozen food insulation bags provide consumers with great convenience; It is very beneficial for supermarkets to sell frozen or quick-frozen food

France introduced double-layer laminated film to the market for packaging meat products. Its outer layer is high-density polyethylene film with special structure and performance, and its inner layer is edible paper. The superimposed double-layer film is translucent, only 12 microns thick, and very thin. The package can solve the problem that the meat packed with ordinary materials is also soaked with blood and oil, which is close to the meat, is not easy to separate and makes the surface hard, and can maintain the original color, aroma and taste of the meat. Plastic film is non-toxic and very safe

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