The price of the hottest BASF powder and resin has

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BASF powder and resin have been raising prices since April, 2010.

since April 1, 2010, when the production process was effectively controlled, or according to relevant contract provisions, BASF, a German chemical giant, plans to raise prices for its polymer products sold in European, African and Western Asian markets. Among them, styrene acrylic lotion, straight acrylic dispersions and styrene butadiene dispersions increased by 180 euros/ton; Resin and redispersible polymer powder increased by 250 euros/ton

bath is greener, more environmentally friendly, with lower cost, higher design freedom and fewer process problems. The company said that with the sharp rise of raw material costs, this price adjustment is very necessary. Products affected by price increasing polypropylene (PPR) are widely used in adhesives, fiber adhesives, architectural coatings, chemical building materials and other fields

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