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Italian paperboard packaging industry is eager to revive

in recent years, the continuous deterioration of Italy's economic environment, mainly including bumpers, rearview mirrors, lights, door handles, air intake grilles, skylights and so on, has directly hindered the development of corrugated box and folding carton packaging industry. The poor economy, lack of energy, and the acceleration of the pace of social life have changed the way Italians eat, from buying packaged food to buying unpackaged cooked food in the streets near their homes for direct consumption. This change in diet has sharply reduced the number of consumers in corrugated boxes and carton packaging in Italy

Italy's economic growth has been zero for three consecutive years (2000-2003), the GDP is close to zero growth, and the investment and consumption have decreased sharply. Last year (2004) the economic situation took a slight turn. According to this year (afternoon 2005), the economic situation will improve, with a growth rate of 2.76% - 3.5%

the economic downturn since 2000 has seriously affected the development of Italian packaging industry. During this period, the growth rate of packaging industry has been continuously at the level of 0.2%. From the analysis of historical reasons, the recession of Italian packaging industry is related to the decline of European GDP and the reduction of demand for corrugated cardboard packaging products. But at present, this view has been abandoned. Relevant people believe that the more practical reason is that the decline in corrugated board production is related to the decline in the output of the entire manufacturing industry, because the output value of the manufacturing industry, which is a part of Italy's GDP, has declined

five years ago, the 1% growth of Italian manufacturing industry successfully developed new application fields for corrugated box packaging. At the same time, it brings 1 to the demand for corrugated box products. 5% growth. However, the reason why the demand for corrugated box packaging has decreased in recent years is that the market share of corrugated box packaging has declined, and part of the market has been replaced by reusable packaging products, mainly plastic strip packaging boxes

this change in the Italian packaging market is roughly the same as that in other European countries. But the difference is that in the Italian packaging market, paper and paperboard packaging materials are not the primary packaging materials, while plastic packaging materials dominate. The market share of paper and paperboard packaging materials is 31%, which is the lowest among European countries. The average market share of European paper and paperboard packaging materials is 40%

the output of Italian paper and paperboard ranks fifth in Europe (5.1 million tons, valued at 3.79 million pounds), followed by Germany, Finland, Sweden and France: 40.5% of the output of paper and Paperboard: Factory food; The rest is used for the packaging of other industrial products

corrugated cardboard boxes, which account for 71% of the total paper and paperboard packaging products, are mainly used for the packaging of large-scale integrated products; Folding cartons with a weight of 16.5% are produced by more than 200 scattered enterprises. The top 10 large folding carton manufacturers can meet about 35% of the market demand

in the Italian paper and paperboard packaging industry, the output of corrugated boxes ranks second in Europe, second only to Germany

25% of corrugated paper products in Italy are used in primary packaging, which mainly includes the packaging of refrigerated food and paper tableware. The market prospect is promising. In addition, other promising application fields are exquisite decoration, exquisite appearance and attractive transportation outer packaging. At present, the transportation outer packaging fills the entire Italian packaging market, including the transportation outer packaging of industrial products. These transportation outer packaging with exquisite appearance printing and decoration and exquisite production have been regarded as an important means to enhance the company's brand image

compared with other European countries such as France and Germany, in fact, the wood-based panel universal experimental machine is basically the same as the ordinary electronic universal experimental machine, the production scale of Italian folding carton is relatively small, accounting for only 13% of the total production scale of paper packaging, while corrugated packaging accounts for 74% in terms of volume:

57% of Italian folding carton is used for food packaging of line tension machine. Among the non food packaging, 8% is used for the packaging of cosmetics and sanitary products, and the remaining 35% is used for the packaging of other products. Although on the surface, cosmetics and sanitary products manufacturers are one of the main users of high-end paperboard, accounting for 30% of the total consumption of high-end high-quality paperboard. In contrast, in recent years, the consumption level and production of Italian tobacco have deteriorated, and the consumption of folding cartons used for its packaging is bound to decline

in the Italian frozen food and detergent packaging market, with the intensification of competition between other packaging materials and folding carton packaging, the sales volume of folding carton packaging has been impacted to a certain extent. Recent market survey results show that although the sales volume and turnover of the folding carton industry have increased, there is little room for continued growth

as in most neighboring countries around the Mediterranean, Italian consumers prefer to buy fresh foods before the 1980s rather than frozen foods, mainly including fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and fresh fish. These fresh foods are not packed and can be bought on street towels near their homes. This consumption mode directly leads to the contraction of food packaging consumption. Therefore, The consumption of food packaging in Italy is far lower than that in other European countries where the main consumption mode is to buy food packaged in large retail stores

with the increasing demand for convenience such as reduced price fast food and refrigeration, the consumption mode of Italian people tends to change. Consumers believe that refrigerated food is more natural and reliable than frozen food and air dried food. This change in consumption trend can be beneficial to the development of Italian folding carton packaging industry

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