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Italian research and development of epoxy polyurethane coating for PET bottles

recently, Italian SIPA monomer purity ≥ 99.9% company developed an epoxy polyurethane outer coating, which is used for PET bottles. According to experts from the China epoxy resin industry association, attention should also be paid to the anti rust and anti oxidation reaction coating. The epoxy polyurethane barrier coating of PPG company in the United States should be used to form a bright wear-resistant and scratch resistant barrier coating

at the same time, using the supporting technology of plasma coating under atmospheric pressure of Swiss instant surface technology company, the barrier layer can be deposited on the inner wall of PET bottles. This technology does not need expensive equipment, simplifies the coating process, and the oxygen isolation of PET bottles after coating is 10 times higher than that of ordinary bottles

information 490.3 source: private economic news

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