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Pulsar (Italy) Shanghai company was founded and held the opening ceremony

on July 26, 2019, the opening ceremony of Shanghai pulsar Engineering Co., Ltd. was grandly held at the Paris company located in jindiwei new science and Technology Innovation Park, Zhuanqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai. Mr. Massimo franzaroli, President of Italian pulsar company and chairman of Shanghai paulis Engineering Co., Ltd., Mr. Ye Qiukui, director of Shanghai paulis Engineering Co., Ltd. and executive director of Hong Kong teyijia International Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Qidi, general manager of Shanghai paulis Engineering Co., Ltd., as well as relevant leaders of the local government and leaders from Kimberly Clark, Weierfu, Dongguan, nursing care, chuanzhijiang, bailiyi Tosk and other representatives of customer enterprises and partners participated in the event. Cao Zhenlei, director of the household paper professional committee of China Paper Association, Zhang Yulan, secretary general, Cao Baoping, deputy secretary general, and a delegation of 5 people were invited to attend the ceremony

Paris is an international leading Italian company of industrial automatic conveying system and handling integrated system, whose business covers several major sectors, such as automobile, medicine, food, household paper, etc. In the field of household paper processing, pulsar has installed more than 20 turnkey conveying equipment and more than 300 intelligent management systems in the whole plant all over the world, and has made outstanding achievements in the integration of mechanical devices and complex systems, and the optimized layout of equipment. Its latest technologies include: quantis series quality detectors, reds system coordinators, Polaris bagging machines, pls dynamic three-dimensional production line simulation software and various conveying systems. Shanghai Boris Engineering Co., Ltd. is the second overseas branch of Boris in the world after the American branch

Dr. caozhenlei, director of the household paper professional committee of China Paper Association, cut the ribbon and delivered a congratulatory message for the grand opening of Shanghai Boris Engineering Co., Ltd

director Cao said in his speech: "In May, 2018, we visited the headquarters of Paris in Bologna, Italy, and were warmly welcomed and received by President Massimo and director ye Qiukui. We were even more impressed by pulsar's manufacturing level, innovation ability and high attention to the Chinese market. At the same time, President Massimo also expressed pulsar's plan to establish a branch in China, which can provide higher purity and good consumer convenience Imagine, just a year later, we are glad to see that this goal has become a reality. "

Director Cao pointed out that the completion and operation of Shanghai baolish Engineering Co., Ltd. is an important milestone on the development path of baolish company, which will play a key role in baolish's deep cultivation of the Chinese market and improvement of localized manufacturing and service capabilities, and also highlight the strategic development vision of win-win cooperation between baolish and ye Xiansheng. It is hoped that both parties will take this opportunity to bring more advanced experience, technologies and concepts such as "industry 4.0 intelligent management processing line" to China, and will customize equipment and software development for Chinese customers, so as to promote China's tissue factories to quickly improve the production efficiency and intelligent level in the processing section

Ms. renyanfei, deputy mayor of Zhuanqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, said in her speech that the settlement of Shanghai baolisi company in jindiwei new science and technology innovation park is a successful case of Zhuanqiao town in attracting investment. I sincerely wish Shanghai baolisi company a prosperous future and make more contributions to the economic development of Zhuanqiao town

in his welcome speech, President Massimo expressed heartfelt thanks for the presence and support of all leading guests. He said: "Today is a double happiness day. In addition to the opening of Polaroid Shanghai company, Polaroid was also founded in Italy on July 26th, 1988. China is a huge market, and a few years ago, China was just an unreachable dream for us. The establishment of Polaroid Shanghai company today means that our dream is gradually realized. Thank Mr. Ye Qiukui and Mr. Li Qidi for helping Polaroid succeed Enter the Chinese market. It is especially suitable for laboratories that continuously do impact experiments and departments such as metallurgy and machinery manufacturing that do a large number of impact experiments; Shanghai company will bring the highest level of automation solutions and leading technology of Polaroid to Chinese customers, and rely on our 31 years of rich experience to tailor suitable solutions for Chinese customers in the process of high-speed dehydration of washing machines. We are full of confidence in the development space in China, and will try our best to win the trust of Chinese customers. We hope that Polaroid Shanghai company can create a prosperous and successful future. "

after the ceremony, director Cao and his party, accompanied by director ye Qiukui, watched the on-site operation demonstration of baolish quantis series quality detectors and other equipment

according to Mr. Ye, at present, baolish Shanghai company focuses on equipment assembly business. In the future, it will gradually increase the proportion of localized manufacturing of equipment, and the MFR of resin is higher, so as to significantly reduce equipment manufacturing costs and sales prices, and provide a variety of equipment and fast and thoughtful services more suitable for Chinese customers

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