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Italian rubber and plastic enterprises are facing crisis and the market is shrinking

in a year-end interview, giogiogio Colombo, chairman of ASSOCOMAPLAST, said that the performance of Italian plastic and rubber industry in 2013 was not satisfactory. Nevertheless, he is still full of hope for the development prospect of Italian rubber and plastic industry

Giogio Colombo said in the interview that 2013 was a transitional period for the Italian rubber and plastic industry. "The Italian plastic and rubber industry developed rapidly in 2011, and its good development momentum was followed again in 2012 to prepare the balance sheet of resources and environment. Last year, the overseas sales performance of our rubber and plastic products increased by 6%. However, in 2013, especially since the second and first quarter of this year, the whole industry is facing an unprecedented crisis. At present, our share in China, Brazil, the United States and other important export markets is increasing Declining. " Giogio Colomb can't move up and down, O said

for the current situation, tye (1) 00, tye (3) 00 and tye (5) 00 originally produced by G factory are hydraulic loading, pendulum force measurement and semi open structure. Iogio Colombo emphasizes that to win back overseas market share, enhancing international competitiveness is the key. Therefore, Italian plastic companies must introduce the latest production technology and increase R & D investment

according to giogiogio Colombo, energy conservation, consumption reduction and weight reduction are currently a major production trend of rubber and plastic products in the world. Therefore, major companies should devote more energy to product design

at present, the application of Italian plastics in medicine, packaging and other fields has begun to recover slowly, but the demand for plastics in major fields such as automobile manufacturing and building materials is still stagnant

colombo believes that the market trend in the first quarter of next year, especially in the first month, is crucial to the development of Italian rubber and plastic industry. "Although the development of the plastic industry may be difficult in the next few years, I firmly believe that our enterprises will be able to meet the difficulties and stand out in the fierce international market competition." He added

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