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Italy's Oldani e portalupi SRL company continues to develop fine cutting tools

Italy's Oldani e portalupi SRL company is a world-famous cutting tool manufacturer, enjoying a high reputation in the global corrugated board, carton manufacturing and processing industry. Founded in 1961, the company specializes in developing all kinds of advanced cutting tools for corrugated board slitting, slotting and indentation. So far, it has a production history of 45 years. For many years, Oldani e portalupi SRL company has always been aiming to serve the world corrugated board, carton production and processing industry, taking technology and product innovation as the lifeline of the company, investing a lot of money every year in the research and development of new products, and constantly introducing high-quality innovative cutting tools with multiple varieties and specifications to the international packaging market to meet the needs of different customers

the biggest feature of Oldani e portalupi SRL company is that it attaches great importance to technological innovation and constantly researches and develops new products. In recent years, the company has successfully developed a wide range of new products with high scientific and technological content, including upper and lower slotting tools, slitting tools, various scrapers, crimping machines, as well as various types of corrugated lead screw paperboard, carton industry concentration will be improved, carton manufacturing machinery parts. The recycling rate of plastic packaging materials has been greatly improved

since Oldani e portalupi SRL has always been committed to the market research of corrugated board and carton manufacturing industry, it has widely understood and solved the relevant problems often occurred in the actual production of corrugated boxes, especially for the current problem of a large number of recycled cardboard used in carton manufacturing materials, and has adopted targeted and effective innovative design and innovative technology, Make the new cutting tools developed by the company reach a fairly high technical level to ensure the high level of carton production

in order to achieve high-quality slotting, slitting and indentation of different types and different quality paperboards, Oldani e portalupi SRL company has developed and successfully developed new slitting tools of different types and shapes and annular tools for indentation, which have excellent slitting and indentation effects

oldani e portalupi Sri company successfully developed a new serrated high-quality slotting tool, which can be used with different models and shapes according to the quality of the slotted cardboard. As for the name of the company's latest indentation ring material: plastic film cutter, it fundamentally solves various problems in the production of corrugated boxes using recycled carton boards as raw materials, making the indentation size very accurate and practically meeting the strict size and indentation effect requirements of users. In addition, as the production speed of various new carton processing machines that are constantly on the market is greatly improved, it poses a severe challenge to the performance and quality of slotting, slitting and indentation tools. The high-speed operation of the new carton processing machinery requires that the corresponding cutting tools not only have the ability of high-speed slotting, slitting and indentation, but also have high quality, otherwise the production speed of the whole production line will be affected. Therefore, Oldani e portalupi SRL company has recently developed various new cutting tools with different materials and surface treatment processes. Its hardness and wear resistance have been greatly improved. It is not only of excellent quality, but also fully competent for the process requirements of high-speed slotting, slitting, indentation and so on

oldani e portalupi SRL company has strong economic strength and strong production capacity. Every year, it introduces new cutting tools with multiple varieties and specifications that fully meet international standards, as well as various corrugated box production and processing machine parts. The technical department of the company provides users with fast and instant technical support and services, which can quickly help users diagnose and solve various problems and problems in the production process. Users only need to contact the technical service department of the company by calling or sending e-mail, and they can get instant and effective services and help. The users of Oldani e portalupi SRL company are all over the world. The high quality and considerate service of its cutting tools have been recognized and praised by users

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