The hottest Italian scientists have developed nano

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Italian scientists have developed nano paper, which can be waterproof and bacteria proof. Most industrialized nano materials are mainly chemical synthesis>

scientists from Italy have developed a kind of nano paper. The initial properties of the paper and the position of the mold cavity gently in the core have not been changed. They can still be printed as a carrier. Roberto CIN can do fatigue experiment (American Standard). Dr. Golani explained to Forbes. The characteristics of nanotechnology are used in paper production to make these papers waterproof and bacteria proof, and even fluorescent if you need it

the Italian Academy of Sciences in Genoa said that they had successfully combined the molecules (i.e. monomers) and nanoparticles that make up paper in the laboratory to make new paper materials

if this sounds too fantastic, now I want to tell you that not only paper can be made into such a magical thing, but other non-woven materials, including non-woven fabrics, can be made into new materials with three proofs

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