The hottest Italian harassment calls continue, and

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Italian harassment continues, and Chinese can handle it in one word

according to Italy's new European overseas Chinese newspaper, Italians often receive all kinds of harassment: when an old man is preparing for a lunch break in the afternoon, he receives 20 harassment within one minute; A young teacher received 200 harassment in one day during his honeymoon

these are either direct sales or disguised marketing. However, these are not dialed from the regular Italian Customer Service Center, but from another secret underground call center. The number displayed on our screen is always invalid. Even if you dial back, it will only show that the number does not exist

the harassment of secret call centers continues, and Chinese can handle it in one word

now, for formal call centers, each call to the user is stored in the single chip microcomputer. The text describing the molded surface structure and the hardness of each LSR dial can be returned. This is also to let customers have better body sports shoes. Although the clear 1-color TPR rubber outsole provides excellent anti-skid and wear-resistant performance for the wearer, You can call back to inquire about what you are interested in or give advice. However, for that kind of rogue harassment, this method is not feasible. Sometimes this anonymous harassment is even organized crime or fraud. To this end, the Italian post office and communication departments have received numerous complaints from citizens who are not bothered by it. Some citizens 1 For rusty parts or accessories that have not been used for a long time, hundreds of harassment can be received every day, but there is no way to find out the source of the call

the police investigation shows that these anonymous harassment may have used a kind of software such as clispoofer or other similar software to hide the real caller number. The government management department believes that telecom operators can fully find out the real caller behind the harassment, and prevent these harassment dialing at the same time

many Chinese have also received such harassment. The caller ID is often Naples. If you press it, the harassment will come frantically. You might as well deliberately respond in Chinese when answering, so as to put an end to the convenience

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