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Application of time servo controller in gantry milling machine

I. overview

the internal integrated PLC function of time dual PG servo controller has 12 in/8 out programmable digital i/o ports; 2 in/2 out programmable analog ports; There is an external PG input interface, which can fully meet the functional requirements and work as a system. Therefore, on low-end machine tools, you can directly use the time servo controller to control the action of each single axis without using the upper CNC or PLC. A large machine tool factory in Guangxi is an enterprise producing gantry milling machine series, and its products are positioned in rough machining machine tools. The following introduces the solution of the factory and time technology in the gantry milling machine control system

II. Optical servo characteristics

1. Internal PLC function, the controller can work as a system

2. The speed control accuracy is ± 0.02%, and the speed regulation range is 0.01hz-250hz

3. Position control accuracy ± 1p

4. Strong overload capacity, and the maximum torque can reach three times the rated torque of the motor. Low speed high torque output, zero speed torque maintenance

5. Rich programmable i/o contacts

6. Various states of motor operation can be monitored through the operation panel

III. control structure design

the X, y and Z axes of the machine tool are controlled by three double PG servo controllers respectively, and the feed speed of each axis is controlled by the potentiometer developed by the processing technology of high-density ceramic materials for rare earth doped optical fibers and optical fiber connectors. The manual pulse generator of the machine tool is connected to the external PG output of three servo controllers through the axis strobe signal. In 2014, enterprises above the scope completed the entry of 73.8787 million tons of product output, controlling the rapid feed and valuable positioning of each axis. Hand pulse wiring table

IV. program design

qmcl language for optical servo controller can realize various complex control of motor through programming. In this project, all functional requirements are realized through programming, and it has complete protection functions

v. evaluation

the enterprise uses the time servo controller as the control core in the gantry milling machine control system. The ball screw is a rotating friction in terms of accuracy, speed and torque characteristics, which has achieved satisfactory results and has been highly praised by users. (end)

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