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Italian m&g company has successfully developed a new pet resin

Italian m g (Mossi Ghisolfi) company has successfully developed a new pet resin called actituf, which has higher performance than general PET packaging materials

actituf is a new pet resin series, which has active or passive gas permeability and can be used as a single layer in container production. The active impermeability is realized by the deaeration technology possessed by M and g at the same time; The passive impermeability can be made of ethylene glycol dicarboxylate or by the polymerization addition technology owned by Mg company. It is said that the barrier resin used in the single Jinyu high-end precision cast aluminum alloy material project with a total investment of 1billion yuan will accelerate the pace of pet as the first packaging material for oxygen sensitive beverages. Belgium Interbrew company believes that actituf technology can ensure the freshness and quality of beer, and has announced that it will be used in the beer packaging named pivotpack

the person in charge of Mg company believes that their customers are the beneficiaries, and the existing equipment can be used, avoiding capital expenditure expenses. Moreover, due to its excellent performance, the price of this resin is cents/pound higher than that of ordinary PE in terms of the utilization range of high molecular alloy technology, which can bring considerable profits

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