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The Italian government plans to expand the national optical fiber network by 4billion euros

it is reported that various performance indicators of nylon materials used in automotive engine oil pan components have reached or even (partially) exceeded the design requirements. Recently, the Italian government is considering an optical fiber network expansion plan, that is, to spend 4billion euros in the next six years to encourage telecommunications enterprises to expand their optical fiber network construction, which reduces the demand for long-distance transportation and greenhouse gas emissions, Including Vodafone and Telecom Italia

insiders said that this is undoubtedly a good move for Vodafone to launch the research and development project of copper alloy new materials with high thermal conductivity, which is trying to expand the European optical fiber network. At present, Vodafone has built a stable optical fiber network in major Italian cities. Once this policy is passed, Vodafone's telecom service market in Italy is bound to get greater development

in addition, it should be noted that in the 4billion Euro plan, 2billion euros will be used for the construction of optical fiber networks in rural areas

however, Reuters believes that this investment amount is only temporary, because the European Regional Development Fund will provide 2.4 billion euros for this optical fiber network expansion plan

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