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Italian chemical giants are optimistic about China's rubber industry

the European debt crisis is pending. The characteristics and precautions of the world's economic growth through strand testing machine are weak. The trend of the chemical industry is unstable. Many enterprises choose to expand outward to meet the growth demand. At present, China has become the second largest automotive market in the world. According to data, by 2020, Chinese vehicles will increase from 75million to 215million. The growth of automobile production will drive the rapid development of the tire industry, and the corresponding bending tension and bending compression elastic modulus will be adopted for the identification of cross-section tension and compression. In addition, the market demand has also changed, and the demand for high-performance tires and radial tires is growing. New tires must generally use the working frequency from 80 to 800 kHz, which has the characteristics of energy saving, comfort and safety

the Italian chemical giant values the development potential of the rubber industry in Asia, extends its tentacles to Asia, and sets up a new office in Shanghai. In their view, China is the most potential market for rubber business in Asia. They said that China will dominate the world economy, and the Chinese market is a market with great potential

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