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Time technology: hold up the banner of the national servo industry

China's industrial automation market is a collection of international top brands. These century old stores with European, American and Japanese origins occupy strategic places in many fields and often lead the technical trend of the industry. In recent years, national enterprises, which are still quietly rising in the face of strong international rivals, have also become a force that can not be underestimated. They either have the background of scientific research institutions or universities, have unique technological advantages, or benefit from the policy promotion of market economy, and have a keen vision and flexible mechanism. In some fields, their existence has made international big names have to tighten their nerves

Time Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as time technology) is a member of the national force in the servo industry. The company, formerly known as the Robotics Research Institute of Beijing University of science and technology, has now achieved the integration of production, learning and research, and has successfully transformed into a competitive high-tech enterprise in the domestic servo market. Its fully digital AC asynchronous servo control technology with independent intellectual property rights has completed research and development and laboratory prototype trial production as early as the 1990s. Now the products and systems using this technology have been widely used in industry, vehicles, military and many other fields, and the electric vehicle drive control and powertrain system, which has been prepared for a rainy day for many years, has also taken the lead in the market and began to blossom and bear fruit

In the 1980s, China's first fully domestic industrial robot and its computer control system and DC servo system were born in the Robotics Institute of Beijing University of science and technology, the predecessor of time technology. At that time, the inverter market was in full swing. Most people believed that the asymmetric fatigue experimental inverter could solve all the problems of transmission, and the high-cost servo system was not promising. Fortunately, time technology has always been on the right path, and the doubt has not made it give up the research work of servo system. The more and more extensive application of a large number of AC asynchronous motors in various fields of the national economy has strengthened their determination to develop AC asynchronous servo system. In 1997, the AC asynchronous servo system successfully completed technical research and development and laboratory trial production

Hu Jianzhong, deputy chief engineer of time Technology Co., Ltd., who was interviewed, carried out the air strike experiment: raised the pendulum to the pre lifting angle position, and participated in the development of AC asynchronous servo system throughout the process. He believed that the successful development and trial production of AC asynchronous servo system marked a key step towards the leading position of domestic servo control technology. However, standing at the forefront of automation technology does not mean standing at the forefront of the market. The Robotics Institute of Beijing University of science and technology is only a research institute within the University, which has experienced the same development bottleneck as most domestic colleges and research institutes. We only have less than 1000m2 houses and sites, and we have no strength to realize the industrial transformation of scientific research achievements. Due to mechanisms and other reasons, the market promotion work has not kept up in time. The lack of industrialization experience and the limitations of the system make it unable to seize the market opportunity in time

fortunately, in 2002, the Robotics Institute of Beijing University of science and technology ushered in the second key transformation, realizing the overall transformation. Time Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and the national development and Investment Corporation and Beijing University of science and technology became its two major shareholders. The injection of funds has brought time technology an opportunity for development and accelerated the pace of technology industrialization. Hu Jianzhong said. Time technology has become a high-tech enterprise integrating industry, University and research, which must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. It has begun to experience the fierce market competition and enter the servo market

the third milestone in the growth history of time technology is 2005. In this year, the largest shareholder of time technology changed from the national development and Investment Corporation to the Institute of space launch technology of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of space launch). Hu Jianzhong believes that this shareholder change is a major event for time technology. In the past, the national development and Investment Corporation was more financial support, while the space launch Institute gave time not only financial and technical resources, but also complementary industrial chain and personnel support, so that we can combine R & D and operation well, and also play a positive role in the market promotion of products

the servo industry has a promising future

compared with the 1990s, the servo system has become a recognized mainstream in the field of high-end precision control. The changes in the domestic servo market are also huge. International brands continue to introduce servo products into China, and the competition in the servo market has become white hot

Hu Jianzhong frankly said that at present, domestic servo brands are still unable to join the first tier of the market. The servo products used by large domestic machine tool enterprises are basically European brands. The configuration of these products is relatively high, and the interface communication adopts bus mode, which belongs to high-end servo. Some international enterprises, such as Siemens and Fanuc, have rich and complete product lines, with supporting computer systems, servo drives, motors, etc., which occupy a certain advantage. Domestic brands still have a gap in competitiveness compared with these international brands, but Hu Jianzhong believes that the servo system products launched by time technology in recent years have been significantly improved in technology. From the technical level, it belongs to the mid-range and upper level. The AC asynchronous servo controller of time technology is called the controller because the servo system itself has the functions of programming and PLC control. He gave an example. The AC asynchronous servo controller of time technology is applied to the gantry milling machine in a machine tool factory. Without installing the upper computer, the control function of time servo controller and i/o, d/a, a/d interfaces can be directly used. Through programming, the function of milling machine can be completed, which can be used as simple NC, opening up a new field of NC machine tools, which not only saves investment for users, but also facilitates the operation of workers. In fact, the servo products of some brands are just a passively controlled driver, which are different in essence

the powerful scientific research force is enough to make users trust the servo system of time technology. The Aerospace Launch Institute, the major shareholder of time technology, has a strong R & D force in the military industry. Such technical resources can also be shared by time technology. In fact, at present, some scientific research projects of the space launch Institute have been undertaken by time technology, and time technology has also cooperated with other enterprises of the space system, such as aerospace CNC, at the technical and engineering levels. Although the Robotics Research Institute of Beijing University of science and technology has been fully transformed into time technology, it also has a research room in Beijing University of science and technology to engage in the research of core technology, and the industrialization of technology is completed in time technology. In recent years, time technology has also undertaken a number of national 863 scientific research projects

speaking of his views on the future development of the servo industry, Hu Jianzhong said: This is a sunrise industry and an industry that must be developed. He also said that in the next step, time technology should focus on several industries. First, our traditional industry machine tool industry. Before, there was a view that servo is needed for machine tool feeding, but not for spindle control. Facts have proved that the positioning accuracy of machine tool spindle is very critical. The feed servo and spindle servo of machine tool will gradually become the same, which is in the same important position. Time servo will play a major role in the field of high-power servo control of machine tool. In addition, there is also a large market in the field of machine tool transformation. Second, the injection molding machine industry. The traditional hydraulic system is large in volume, high in power consumption, and easy to cause pollution. At present, what we are doing is to transform the traditional oil pump of the injection molding machine into a servo oil pump. Using servo control, we can save 60% - 70% energy. The future direction may be the all electric injection molding machine, and the mechanical structure will be transformed. There are also flying shears. The characteristic of this field is that the environment is particularly poor, and the requirements for servo products are high. In addition to traditional industries, some new industrial applications have also entered the vision of time technology. For example, the energy-saving control of oil well pumps in the textile industry and the petroleum industry, and the blade control of wind turbines are all the target markets we will focus on in the future. Hu Jianzhong said

electric vehicle market opens another sky

industrial servo is one leg of time technology's success, and the other leg is electric vehicle. It is understood that at present, the sales contribution of the electric vehicle market to time technology is less than 1/3, but driven by policies and markets, this proportion is expected to grow rapidly, and even surpass the traditional industrial servo

according to Hu Jianzhong, time technology has paid attention to the electric vehicle industry since the company was founded. As early as 2002, the electric car with AC asynchronous servo control drive system developed by time technology has been exhibited at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition as a model of new energy vehicles. Nowadays, the electric vehicle drive control and powertrain system of time technology has been industrialized. We have successfully undertaken a number of projects, including the hybrid bus produced by Dandong Huanghai automobile factory for Kunming, the electric bus in Linyi, Shandong and the Ningbo Jijiang hybrid bus. There are more non-commercial projects. What Hu Jianzhong is most proud of is that time technology provides drive control and powertrain system for the only electric floats in the 60th anniversary celebration of the national day. This is not only our honor, but also proves from another perspective that the technology of time technology is mature and reliable, and has been recognized by all aspects. It is reported that time technology will also cooperate with Foton in the electric sanitation vehicle project. The new road of electric vehicles is getting wider and farther

when it comes to the technical problems of servo system for electric vehicles, Hu Jianzhong said that its core technology is the same as industrial servo. Time technology's entry into the field of electric vehicles is a good inheritance and distillation of its servo technology that has been mature for more than 20 years. However, at the application level of technology, electric vehicle servo and industrial servo have their own characteristics: for example, electric vehicle is powered by DC, while industry is powered by AC; At the same time, the requirements of electric vehicles for servo systems are more stringent than those of industry. For example, the requirements for vibration resistance will be higher, and the adaptability to temperature and environment will be stronger. The industrial motor and controller can be air-cooled, while the motor and controller of electric vehicles require water cooling. In the operation process of actual projects, time technology has carried out targeted development and research for these similarities and differences, so that the two legs can keep pace

speaking of his views on the development of China's servo industry, Hu Jianzhong said: in order to become bigger and stronger, China's national servo industry must produce oneortwo leading enterprises, and time technology has always had the great goal of becoming an industry leader in high catalytic activity nano carbon based materials and utilization technology. Obviously, the future that time technology wants is not only the success of an enterprise, but also her ambition


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