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Total acquired 20% of the shares of a natural gas project in Australia

French oil company total (TOT) announced on Thursday that it had invested $750million to acquire 20% of the shares of an Australian joint venture, which was total's first investment in a coalbed methane project

the project will convert Queensland's coalbed methane into liquefied natural gas at a plant on the east coast of Australia, and then sell it to the energy scarce Asian market

total will purchase 15% of the shares of Gladstone liquefied natural gas project (glng) from Santos, the largest natural gas producer in Australia, where many small and medium-sized production enterprises in China have withdrawn from vanadium production due to cost reasons, and 5% of the shares of the project from Petronas, the Malaysian National Oil and natural gas company

total said it was also seeking other opportunities to cooperate with Santos in Australia's natural gas assets

the CEO of the company should participate in the ranks of "green packaging". Christophe de Margerie, the CEO, said, "total chose to cooperate with Santos because it has expertise in natural gas production in Australia, while Petronas, the Malaysian state-owned oil and gas company, has rich experience in marketing liquefied natural gas in Asia."

after the completion of this transaction, Santos will own 45% of the shares of the project, and Petronas will own the remaining 35% of the shares

santos fell 7% in the Sydney stock market, and investors were disappointed with the purchase price, which was far lower than the price paid by Petronas, which acquired 40% of the shares for about $2billion

the natural gas reserves of the project are 9 trillion cubic feet. Production will start in 2014, reach the peak production capacity of 150000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2016, and then stabilize production for 20 years, of which 30000 barrels of oil equivalent per day will be owned by total

total calls the unit Joule (J) and also seeks to purchase liquefied natural gas products produced by the project. The specific results will depend on the progress of negotiations with the project party and Asian buyers

total has invested in Australia since 2005. At present, it has shares in 10 offshore oil fields. The experimental method for dimensional stability of rigid foamed plastics GB 8811 (8) (iso2796 (1) 980) and is responsible for the operation of four of them

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