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Transformer oil filling machine

transformer oil filling machine | special oil filling machine for recycling machine

lubricating oil is a kind of chemical oil and an indispensable member of our daily life. With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, machinery driven production gives us fast and convenient life and production, and the large-scale use of machinery is bound to promote the rapid development of lubricant products, especially machine lubricants, vehicle lubricants, etc. We know more or less about the use of lubricating oil, but how much do you know about the production and packaging requirements of lubricating oil products? Quick lube oil filling machine tells you the details of the production process of lube oil products

name and model: automatic lubricating oil filling machine znc-z6

equipment introduction: automatic liquid filling machine is applicable to products: lubricating oil, grease, and other fluids, as well as automatic barreled liquid filling machine-- Dt34wl can be equipped with automatic filling production lines such as automatic barrel loading and barrel sorting, automatic capping and capping, and automatic palletizing. Znc-z6 machine adopts central control technology, integrating light, machine and electricity, PLC control, manipulator, monitoring and positioning detection. The compact, double stroke control filling valve is adopted in the structure to control the rapid flow, discharge valve, quantitative filling and finally close the discharge valve, so as to realize the specific automatic functions of starting, transmission (container or barrel) positioning, fast, low speed, quantitative, closing and so on for the liquid (material) in the whole filling process, so that this function can effectively adapt to the filling of all kinds of liquid, fluid and mucus materials, Automatic lubricating oil filling machine is in practical application

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full automatic filling machine

scope of application: This full-automatic lubricating oil filling machine is applicable to the quantitative filling of lubricating oil products and various oil products similar to the characteristics of this product, such as oil, diesel, brake oil, edible oil, olive oil, corn oil filling machine, rapeseed oil, blending oil, liquid medicine, chemical products and other viscous liquids. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, daily chemical industry, The filling of liquid products in oil and other industries is the best shot for large-scale production and processing enterprises to take the LED touch screen file

main parameters

filling container (packaging material): plastic open barrel

filling material: liquid (low temperature filling ℃)

filling volume 8kg 15kg

filling speed 500p-600p/hour

power supply voltage 380v/foam granulation unit is the process of crushing and plasticizing foam, strip drawing and granulation 220V 10%v AC50Hz

power 10KW

filling accuracy level 0.2 (0.2%)

use air pressure.0 7MPa

automatic lubricating oil filling machine

gear oil filling machine

antirust oil filling machine

maintenance and upkeep:

1. Always keep the lubricating oil filling equipment clean, especially for the electrical appliances on the electric panel, it is necessary to prevent moisture and dust, and it is forbidden to change the program of the frequency converter and program controller at will

2. The power supply voltage should be stable and should not exceed 15%. The material temperature should be kept at 10 ℃ ~ 4. Don't move anything in the pipe. The ambient temperature should be kept at 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ and the temperature should be kept at 5 ~ 95% pH

3. The flowmeter used in this machine is a precision instrument. Therefore, the oil must be accurately filtered before filling

4. Turn off the power supply and oil inlet valve after work

5. Pay attention to keep the infrared sensor clean, and often wipe it with clean cotton. It is strictly forbidden for any object to be close to the sensor in the process of work. There should be no strong direct light or reflection on the sensor, otherwise there will be misoperation

6. Regularly add cylinder lubricating oil to the pneumatic triplet

7. When the machine is not used for a long time, all parts should be wiped clean and covered with plastic or tarpaulin to prevent dust

lubricating oil is a lubricant in machinery related industries, and it is also the key to harmonious production between mechanical parts, so choosing professional equipment is half the success:

hydraulic oil filling machine

refrigeration oil filling machine

precautions for equipment in use:

1. The oil pipeline should not be too long, and should generally be controlled within 3 meters

2. The height of oil tank and oil level shall not exceed the bottom of filling nozzle

3. The input pressure of compressed air should be 0 About 8Mpa, equipment working pressure 0 6Mpa。

4. The filled liquid should be free of granular impurities to prevent backflow caused by lax sealing of the check valve and inaccurate filling volume

5. When filling, it must be filled at a uniform speed to prevent too fast operation

6. Ensure that the power supply voltage is stable, which can affect the accuracy in unstable states. If the voltage fluctuates too much, you can add a power regulator

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