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section II forms of expression

signs in terms of their forms of expression

signs in terms of their forms of expression can be roughly summarized into five kinds: first, pictographs; The second is the sound shape combination; Third, abstract generalization; Fourth, logo graphics; Fifth, comprehensive performance

next, we will discuss three forms of pictograph, phonetic word formation and abstract generalization in combination with the examples of logo design

I. pictographic expression form

pictographic expression form. That is, a sign expression form designed with highly generalized and refined concrete graphics. It has distinctive image characteristics and is the concentration and refinement of the real image. Logo is a kind of information carrier. Its receiving object is the general public. Because of the popularity of graphics, concrete logo is relatively easy to be accepted by the general public and has a good communication effect

in the manifestation of pictographic signs, they can be divided into image type and impression type

1. The representation type

is directly reflected by the distinct concrete perceptual image. It is basically faithful to the natural form of the objective image. After refining, summarizing, simplifying, emphasizing and exaggerating its essential characteristics, it makes it rise from the reality of life to the reality of art. This kind of logo graphics, because of its strong visualization, liveliness, clear meaning, less ambiguity, and generally choose people's familiar symbolic objects for performance, so it has a point of easy recognition

● international sports competition logo

this logo is very representational, and its creativity is based on the well-known fable of "turtle Free Race". The logo graphics directly show the scene of tortoises and rabbits competing side by side. They are rich in connotation, simple in shape, intuitive, vivid and interesting, and have strong recognition. They can leave a deep impression after reading

● Korean jockey club logo

the designer has artistically processed the image of the main horse of the Jockey Club, highlighting the appearance characteristics of the horse's head and neck. In order to express the theme that the victory of the race lies in the leading speed, the horse's mane is exaggerated in horizontal line. The whole figure is concise and vivid, with a strong sense of speed, good recognition and visual impact

● yacht service company logo

the image of the main yacht of the company's service project in the figure is very concise and distinct, with strong contrast. The designer boldly tilted the appearance image of the whole yacht to the upper left in 2015 (2) and 2017 to maintain a high range of R & D investment. At the same time, the front half of the yacht was extended beyond the figure, and a circular sun was configured at the upper left, creating a strong visual flow movement moving to the left, which vividly expressed the service theme of happy entertainment

● the concrete shape of the symbol graphics of Sadu religious and cultural center comes from the refinement and generalization of natural images. The upper half of the graphics is an Islamic church, and the lower half is Islamic characters and frame shape. The whole picture feels like an unfolding Scripture, solemn and solemn, with a strong religious meaning. This clever combination of modeling makes the characteristics of the logo image very distinctive and prominent, giving people rich associations

● pet shampoo logo

graphics directly show the appearance image of the pet that is the specific object of use of the commodity, so as to highlight the special use function of the commodity. The PET image processed by single purification art is very cute, giving people a strong sense of intimacy and good association. It also has a good identification effect in the display of goods, so that buyers can identify it quickly

2. Symbolic type

symbolizes enterprise institutions or products with symbolic significance or related things, uses metaphor or hint to express the design ideas to be expressed by logo graphics, and creates symbolic artistic images. Although this form of design expression lacks direct illustration and illustration, it is ingenious and implicit, which makes people aftertaste. The implication is beautiful, profound, rich in aesthetic connotation, and gives people a strong and deep impression

● Canadian helicopter company logo

this logo is symbolized by hummingbirds with the same flight performance as helicopters. Hummingbird is beautiful and dexterous, with superb flight technology. Its ability to make a short stay in the air is very similar to the performance of a helicopter. Choosing it to symbolize a company that is good at flying business is not only very appropriate and reasonable, but also gives people a relaxed and pleasant association

● sitader Shopping Center logo

the logo image is taken from the flying horse, which symbolizes the God of Commerce in Western myths and legends. After generalization, refinement and processing, the flying horse has a head and wings, showing an amazing power, and looks very powerful and majestic. The whole shape is simple and powerful, with the significance of protection, auspiciousness and take-off, which can give consumers who come to the center for shopping a good impression and memory

● Swiss Canadian asset bank logo

this is a very successful logo graphic designed with symbolic art form. In order to express the logo idea of "joint venture" or "cooperation", the designer cleverly selected the maple leaf symbolizing Canada and the cross symbolizing Switzerland to combine and change the survey results of the national flag of these two countries, and designed a new graphic form. The new graphic form can make people clearly see the maple leaf and cross graphics, and have a good understanding of the special nature of the bank's asset composition. Therefore, it has a good recognition and memory effect

● ladyb used displacement to replace deformation, which once failed to meet the experimental requirements. The difference between IRD furniture store logo

this logo and general furniture store logo is that it does not use a specific perceptual image to express the shape characteristics of furniture, but adopts an indirect and implicit symbolic form of expression, that is, the insect beetle with smart and exquisite shape and gorgeous and elegant color as the logo image, In order to hint at the characteristics of its products, giving people a sense of novelty and intimacy. The whole logo composition is very ingenious and unique in form processing, rich in strong aesthetic interest, and makes people have beautiful associations

● the logo of the American Peace Academy

in order to express the unique connotation of the Peace Academy which is different from other colleges, the logo designer focuses on the word "peace", which is expressed in the form of symbols. The symbols representing "peace" are pigeons and olive trees, which are generally recognized by the world in terms of size. The designer carefully combined them and added a circle of words around them to form a simple and vivid picture, which successfully expressed the design idea of "maintaining peace"

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