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Trademark design knowledge collection

normal align=left> Chapter 3 graphic trademark signs

normal align=left> graphic trademark signs are divided into two categories: concrete graphic trademark signs and abstract graphic trademark signs

normal align=left continuous R & D and improvement provide strong support for Guangya aluminum's entry into the fields of industrial materials, aerospace, high-speed rail, marine transportation, etc.> whether it is a concrete figure or an abstract figure, it is drawn from all macro and micro images in nature and all images created by people in production and labor. Graphic trademark logo design can take famous mountains and rivers, celestial geography, flowers, birds, fish and insects, birds and animals, clothing, food, housing and transportation, etc. as design themes, so it is not limited by language and region. As long as people recognize the graphics, they can call the name of trademark logo or basically understand its meaning. Therefore, graphic trademarks and signs are the most widely used trademarks and signs in the world

normal align=left> section 1 concrete graphic trademark signs

normal align=left> concrete images refer to specific images. However, the specific image in the concrete trademark is not the image in the pure natural form, but the image with high generality, symbolism and patterning. Therefore, in the design of concrete graphic trademark signs, the expression method of natural meaning is generally not used, but the natural form should be taken as the prototype to summarize, refine, choose or change, so that it has typical image characteristics and distinctive personality characteristics. Through the artistic processing and conception creation of designers, a new visual image that can express the connotation of its industry or product is formed. In design, imagery and imagery methods are usually used. These two expression methods are also applicable to the design of text and comprehensive trademark signs

normal align=left> I. representational method

normal it is necessary to formulate different protection and maintenance schemes. Align=left> representational method is to directly reflect the obvious perceptual image for the purpose of creating an artistic image that indicates the nature of commodities or enterprise groups

normal align=left> 1. Directly express the product image

normal align=left> the trademark of "H" brand bulb of a bulb manufacturer in Germany (Figure 87); Trademark of a tool manufacturer in France; The trademark of a lock company in the United States (Figure 89) is directly reflected in the trademark. This kind of commodity image is not purely natural, but a highly generalized image that can be refined, normalized and patterned with the different materials tested

normal align=left>2. Show the brand name image of the commodity

normal align reduce the weight of the package n=left> the logo of Canada Haas rope factory, and use the rope image to shape the initial letter "H" of the brand Haas; The trademark of the seagull brand shirt in Britain directly indicates the brand name of the commodity with a group of gradually changing seagull images; The trademark of China's "Butterfly brand" cosmetics uses the refined butterfly image to shape the first pinyin letter "H" of the brand; The trademark of Taiwan Jixiang tile directly uses elephants to indicate the name and brand of goods

normal align=left> such trademarks are converted into specific graphics according to the literal meaning of the enterprise brand name, which makes it clear at a glance

normal align=left>3. Show the content and nature of the business operated by the enterprise

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