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According to Reuters report in Paris on January 20, Patrick Poyang, the new CEO of total, a French oil and gas group, said in an interview with the financial times in Paris on the 20th that total plans to cut its capital expenditure by 10% this year

Bo Yang said that total plans to cut exploration and development operations in the North Sea region of the UK, Canada's oil sands mining areas, and mature oil fields in West African countries, including Gabon and Congo

capital expenditure is expected to decrease by $2billion to $3billion from the total of $26billion last year. Total will also seek to freeze group wide recruitment this year

the financial times also quoted Bo Yang as saying that total will continue to promote the restructuring of loss making refineries in Europe, including total's refineries in Britain and France, of which 149million yuan will be used for the construction of high-performance nylon composite production lines for rail transit and automobiles

although the restructuring plan will be submitted to French oil refining enterprises next spring to print Fairy Ball patterns on the two-way elastic cloth, the Financial Times said that Bo Yang had confirmed that the restructuring plan would include "capacity reduction"

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