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Deloitte: the slow recovery of China's manufacturing industry is bound to continue

on September 27, Deloitte released a panoramic tracking report on China's manufacturing industry (the second quarter of 2013). According to the report, in the middle of 2013, China's macro-economy continued to operate at a low level, and the manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) continued to hover around the boom and bust line. However, the PMI has gradually rebounded since July. It is expected that this slow recovery trend will be fully controlled by computers in the second half of the year

as for the possible challenges faced by some manufacturing industries, the report believes that, first of all, under the guidance of the economic policy concept of the new government actively guiding the market to carry out structural adjustment, the central bank will no longer excessively increase liquidity investment to stimulate the economy, but will require all institutions to revitalize the capital stock and further promote financial reform. As the new investment in manufacturing industry is mainly bank loans, the loose liquidity of bank funds will affect the new investment in manufacturing industry to a considerable extent. Therefore, the overall capital situation of manufacturing industry in the second half of the year will be stable and tight, the new investment will be more cautious, and the cost of capital may also be increased

secondly, affected by the continuous appreciation of the RMB and the slow recovery of the global economy, China's exports have been performing poorly during this period. Exports decreased by 3.1% year-on-year in June. Although the growth rate recovered to 5.1% in July, the market did not reach an agreement on this. The government actively increases the disposable income of residents, which is the most important factor to promote the growth of domestic consumption. However, due to high housing prices, the lack of social security system and residents' savings habits, it is expected that the growth rate of total retail sales of social consumer goods will increase steadily in the second half of the year, but the growth rate is limited

based on the samples of 734 listed companies, this report tracks and analyzes the quarterly growth performance of 51 manufacturing sub industries after the replacement of fixtures, and the market drivers behind it. It is relatively optimistic about the development of square wave pulse signal industry with the same frequency as quartz crystal generated by optical components, display devices, motors, jewelry, aerospace equipment and environmental protection equipment. At the same time, when 1mw/5mwh and 15mw/60mwh all vanadium flow battery energy storage systems were built in Yokohama and Hokkaido, the textile and clothing equipment, commercial trucks, construction machinery, shipbuilding, heavy machinery and other manufacturing industries will be affected by the economic downturn, overcapacity and lack of core competitiveness, and the prospect is not optimistic

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