Delta industrial automation has won five awards in

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Delta industrial automation has won five awards in a row.

delta actively implements intelligent manufacturing and promotes the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, which is deeply recognized by the industry. In the last month of 2019, delta was highly praised by the market for its strong market performance in the past year, winning five awards in a row. In terms of enterprise honors, Delta has won the 2019 China automation society enterprise innovation award, the cmcd2019 most influential enterprise award for motion control, the senior engineer Golden Globe Award -2019 top ten customer trust brands and other honors; The other two awards fully affirmed the innovative ability of delta's new products. The servo drive system asda-b3 series won the new product award of cmcd2019 in the field of motion control. When using this tolerance table, the horizontal joint robot drs80l C won the Golden Globe Award of high engineering - new product award of 2019

Delta has been deeply engaged in Intelligent Manufacturing in recent years, emphasizing the parallel development of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, actively investing in product research and development and technological innovation, and providing customers with efficient and reliable energy-saving integration solutions and services; At the same time, with its accumulated experience in factory implementation as an electronic manufacturing enterprise, combined with deep industrial know-how, it has helped many manufacturing enterprise customers realize the overall upgrading in 2017, from equipment automation to production line, and then to the intellectualization of the whole plant. The continuous awards fully prove the market's recognition of delta brand

2019 is also a year of new products of delta. In response to the demand of intelligent manufacturing market, Delta has launched new products with breadth and depth in programmable controllers (PLC), frequency converters, robots, servo drives, vision systems and software, meeting the high-level needs of industrial users for intelligent upgrading. Among the products awarded this time, the servo drive system asda-b3 series has a strong ability to control variable load, and has the characteristics of powerful motion control function, long service life and stable operation. It not only meets the production needs of high speed and precision, but also conforms to the concept of delta motion control products towards decentralized control. While improving production efficiency, it can also synchronously optimize the overall control network of intelligent manufacturing; The horizontal joint robot drs80lc is a new model in Delta's powerful SCARA robot series. It is a high load robot with an arm length of 800mm and a load of 12kg. Its remarkable feature is that it can be matched with Delta's industrial automation products to create a simplified and highly integrated robot workstation, effectively improving quality, increasing production flexibility and production capacity

2019 China automation society enterprise innovation award is selected by China automation society, focusing on the outstanding innovation ability and advanced innovation mechanism of enterprises; One of the main projects in the cmcd201 agreement is the 9-year Award for the most influential enterprise in motion control with poor anti-interference ability and the new product award, which are jointly selected by China transmission and China motion control industry alliance to commend the enterprise brands that have the nature of industry benchmarks in China's servo and motion control market, as well as the innovative products that have influence on the promotion of the industry; The golden ball award for advanced engineering robots is an award organized by advanced engineering robots and issued at the annual conference of advanced engineering robots. The award aims to commend enterprises and product innovation that have made outstanding achievements in the development of the robot industry

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