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Analysis of business consumer users' demand for color laser printers

as a fashion life media, compared with other media, not only users and readers are younger, but also more energetic. We can only output black and white products that are not what we want, and the beating color is what really meets our needs. However, every business company should effectively control its office costs. How to comply with the company's regulations while giving colleagues a source of color innovation, and how to maximize office efficiency after combining the two needs has also become the biggest problem in the purchase of printing products

black and white color needs vary

as a business operation company, the printed documents, contracts, forms and other documents need to bring people a formal and rigorous feeling. At this time, black and white laser printing products have become the best choice due to their long service life, low single print cost, stable operation and other advantages

although color output equipment is not a necessary office equipment for a company, the need to output some team activity photos or make corporate culture bulletin boards from time to time has become the most important problem to be solved at this stage. Whether to buy a low-cost inkjet printing product or an entry-level color laser printing product has become a difficult problem. Although the purchase cost of inkjet printer is low, and it can print media such as photo paper, the later printing cost is relatively expensive. Although color laser printing products have the problems of expensive purchase price and unable to print media such as photo paper, for business users, its stable performance and extremely low single sheet printing cost make its cost reach a certain controllable range, which is more convenient for the office cost accounting of enterprises

the advantages of color excitation are known only in use

in actual use, the entry-level color laser printer mainly has two tasks, one is to print some exquisite color documents; The second is as a backup output product of black-and-white laser printer. The product can complete these two tasks better, and has never let us down

color laser printing products, due to the characteristics of weak wait-and-see technology in the spot market of iron and steel raw materials on August 18, have a slightly lower demand for beautiful printing media that affect the interior than inkjet products. When printing some personalized photos, traditional inkjet printing products need expensive photo paper and print slowly. When using color laser printing products, the product can print beautiful photos with ordinary A4 paper. Because expensive photo paper is not used, and the color output of laser printing products is cheaper than inkjet products, the printing cost of a single photo should be saved about 1 yuan. In terms of output speed, it is the strength of laser printing products, which greatly improves the work efficiency of employees

due to the use of laser printing technology, color laser printing products have high print output stability, which not only makes it have lower late equipment maintenance costs. When the black-and-white laser printer in the company has problems, color laser printing products can also temporarily replace it to complete some daily black-and-white output tasks. Due to the small amount of ink in the ink cartridge, Inkjet products can not better complete this task

controllable late running costs, exquisite color printing products and fast output make this entry-level color laser printing product the most trusted business partner of our company

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