Defulin contracted to build Yongqiang power custom

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Zhongde Fulin undertakes to build the 95598 call center system of Yongqiang power customer service center

that is, the core board referred to in the technical specification should reach the fire-resistant B1 level. Beijing Zhongde Fulin software technology company undertakes the construction of the 95598 customer service system of Yongqiang power customer service center. The whole system uses board and card exchanges (IVR, ACD, etc.) to record under the specified conditions. 2 The server will complete the service and recording of all calls on a solid foundation or workbench. The whole system provided by our company operates stably and reliably to provide stable power call services for Yongqiang power customers

Beijing Zhongde Fulin Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the state, and has also obtained the dual software enterprise certification. Zhongde Fulin is committed to enterprise informatization and call center leadership. 2. Research and development and market promotion of advanced technology fields. With its own developed advanced products in the CTI field, soft switches, ivr/ifr, digital recording systems, outbound dialing systems CRM system, SMS/MMS system, SMS/MMS platform system and OA system provide professional and meticulous services for small and medium-sized enterprises

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