Focus on environmental protection for Sangji line

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On June 6, the natural gas pipeline of the Sangnan jilak line of the west east gas transmission project, which has just successfully crossed the Tarim River, was carefully protected during the construction on both sides of the river. Even a Populus euphratica tree was not cut down

the pipeline crossing the Tarim River is 30km away from the downstream of Tahe bridge, a desert highway, with a total length of 356m and a maximum aperture of 660mm. Advanced directional drilling technology was adopted for this crossing, and the crossing was successful in only 65 hours

in this construction, the gas transmission pipeline will cross the natural Populus euphratica forest on both banks of the Tahe River. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the relevant parties have proposed a compensation standard of 20000 yuan for cutting down a Populus euphratica tree. The Sangji Project Department of the west to East Gas Transmission Project participated in the construction put forward the construction principle of "never cutting a Populus euphratica tree" based on the principle of ecological protection. During the construction, the original access roads between the forests can be automatically opened and used, the construction work zone can be reduced, the geotextile separation wall is built, the pipe welding wind shield is configured, and the hydraulic system of Jinan experimental machine is started, so as to ensure the forest safety during the construction. During this construction, no Populus euphratica was cut down

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