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During the 13th Five Year Plan period, China's economy will enter a new normal. Its economic growth will change from high-speed growth to medium and high-speed growth. Its development mode will change from extensive growth of scale and speed to intensive growth of quality and efficiency. During the impact, the basket will move its test products to high-temperature or low-temperature areas to stop balancing growth. Its development momentum will change from factor and investment driven to innovation driven, The economic structure has shifted from incremental capacity expansion to the deep adjustment of stock and optimization of incremental growth. Therefore, it is particularly important for the traditional petrochemical industry to take advantage of strategic emerging industries to realize the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. Looking forward to the next five years, what challenges will China's petrochemical industry face? How will the industrial structure be optimized? How will China's petrochemical equipment develop in the future

the 7th China International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition for short) will be grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on August, 2015. The exhibition is supported by Shanghai Petroleum Institute, Shanghai Pudong New Area Engineers Association and China Chemical Industry Institute and hosted by Zhenwei exhibition group. At this exhibition, Ge will provide solutions in a wide range of fields including energy, health care, home, transportation and finance; Jerry group will exhibit the industry's first playwell standardized small LNG solution; Shandong Kerui group mainly displays oilfield drilling (workover) equipment, oil production machinery and equipment, wellhead (downhole) tools, oilfield special operations and other equipment; Blue tin fluid is committed to energy conservation, environmental protection and green industry, highlighting independent innovation, and will display the world's advanced valve design and manufacturing process; Kmay will provide functional safety and explosion-proof safety solutions; Ruichang Petrochemical will display all kinds of heating furnace burners, catalytic equipment and complete sets of environmental protection equipment such as sulfur recovery, waste and waste liquid incineration. The calibration should be 5 points

the 7th China petrochemical industry leaders' conference and the exhibition were held at the same time. This conference, with the theme of information technology and intelligent chemical plant, focused on the construction of intelligent chemical plant, carried out in-depth research on new ideas, new methods and new technologies for the construction of intelligent chemical plant, as well as the construction cases of enterprise intelligent chemical plant and the application of information technology. It provided a forum platform for domestic peers to exchange and discuss their research results, Strengthen the intersection and integration of various professional fields and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

during the forum, there will also be lectures on the application of professional technologies in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, such as Mitsubishi Electric, Lantian fluid and Italian ATC. In addition, during the same period of the exhibition, more than 30 simultaneous activities will be held, such as the application of Ge cod/toc analyzer in condensate and sewage, the application of Ge intelligent oil leakage detection system in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, the Forum on green chemical industry and environmental protection industry, the comparison and trend analysis of the development of oil and gas chemicals at home and abroad, equipment maintenance and lubricating oil technology exchange, etc. at that time, the purchase price of coke from coke steel plants in some parts of Shandong will be reduced by 30 times, It is expected that the government, domestic and foreign technology and equipment manufacturers, traders, engineering companies, logistics and solution suppliers will jointly discuss the best solutions for the petrochemical industry

China's petroleum and petrochemical industry has entered a transformation, and should the safety in the experimental process be higher? The following: during the development period, PetroChina petrochemical equipment industry will adhere to independent innovation and transform to high-end manufacturing; Promote low-carbon development and transition to green manufacturing; Accelerate information construction and transform to modern service manufacturing. With the sustained and stable development of domestic industrial economy, the huge domestic market demand will bring huge business opportunities to relevant upstream, middle and downstream enterprises

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