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Chenhongguo, chairman of Chenming Group, is highly concerned about the health of the sales staff and requires the sales company to take immediate measures to prevent SARS. On this basis, flexible adjustment of marketing strategy, put forward the requirements of stabilizing the domestic market and vigorously developing the international market. According to the spirit of this instruction, the sales company immediately comprehensively strengthened measures and paid close attention to the implementation. In April, a total of 524million yuan was collected, an increase of 43% over the same period last year. None of the sales staff was affected by the virus and in good health

the following measures are mainly taken in the whole process of "prevention of SARS". Each sales company implements the "top leader system" and regards "prevention of SARS" as a "top leader" project. Leaders personally grasp and rely on, personally supervise and personally take responsibility to ensure that everything is safe. If there is a problem in any link, it should be regarded as a serious political accident and serious dereliction of duty, and the top leaders should be seriously investigated. From the perspective of being highly responsible to society, hometown and family, we will resolutely control the roundtrip personnel in the market. If it is really necessary to return to the company due to special circumstances, it must be carried out in accordance with the relevant "standard prevention" document system recently issued by the sales company, submit a written request for instructions to the deputy general manager in charge of sales for signature and approval, and report to the relevant departments of the group company or the "standard prevention" management department designated by the measurement principle of Jinan Rockwell hardness tester, the local authoritative hospital can only return to the company or home station after the certificate of passing the physical examination is issued

each management area and branch company has formulated strict "anti SARS" rules according to their own conditions. The sales headquarters were temporarily moved from the digital building to Cuiwei Hotel, avoiding the epidemic prone areas in time. Jinan Branch changed the previous sales mode, understood the user's product usage, and issued the purchase plan by fax; In terms of payment, various forms are adopted, so that foreign users can directly remit cash into our bank account instead of the previous bill settlement, and take the way of bank transfer or urgent telegraphic transfer; Customers in the urban area of Jinan adopt the check back deposit method, which is fast and convenient, avoiding people to people contact. It has ensured the market share and established a good image among our customers. Wenzhou Branch organized all business personnel to seriously study the spirit of the company's documents on the prevention and control of "SARS", so that everyone unified their thinking and understanding, and eliminated their panic psychology. All business personnel rallied together to fight against "SARS"

the export department quickly strengthened measures to increase product export. By doing everything possible to expand export channels, the company established a joint venture in the United States. 5 Tension control required for rewinding: further explore the American market, so that Chenming coated paper has successfully entered the American market and has been unanimously recognized by users. After concluding a strategic cooperation relationship with Korea Maolin Paper Group in March, it has made full use of its sales resources in the international market and has successively established business relations with many companies such as South Korea Orpheus

in order to adapt to the situation of product export, the production system responded quickly and took a series of measures to pay close attention to product quality. While stabilizing production and product quality, Shouguang Chenming No. 3 factory strengthened technical exchanges with South Korea Shin Mau Lam. They thought it was necessary to get rid of manual testing and other companies when reaching a certain production capacity, so as to continuously improve the quality of coated paper, which has reached the world-class level, laying a foundation for coated paper to gain a firm foothold in the foreign market. Shouguang Chenming No. 1 factory has successfully developed marketable new products such as all wood pulp electrostatic copying paper by adjusting and optimizing the product structure. After the products were put into the Korean market, they were welcomed by customers

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